Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Israeli coalition close to collapse -

Israeli coalition close to collapse -

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Israeli coalition close to collapse
John Reed in Jerusalem
Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu,
right, and finance minister Yair Lapid at a cabinet meeting last month
Israel’s governing rightwing
coalition is close to collapse after a meeting between the heads of its two
biggest parties on Monday evening ended in acrimony and public mudslinging.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
and Yair Lapid, the finance minister, accused each other of pushing the country
towards early elections after the meeting, which was meant to bridge differences
between the two men over economic issues and a controversial bill declaring
Israel a nation-state of the Jewish people.
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“If the unprecedented behaviour of
some government ministers continues, there will be no choice but to go to
elections again,” Mr Netanyahu said in a statement after the meeting.
A senior Israeli official close to
the prime minister confirmed: “There wasn’t a meeting of minds.”
Officials in Mr Lapid’s centre-right

Yesh Atid party accused the prime minister of attending the meeting with no
intention of reconciling differences, while plotting to move the country
towards a vote that would allow him to form a new coalition with far-right and
ultraorthodox religious parties.

“Netanyahu is leading Israel to
unnecessary elections,” Mr Lapid said after the meeting. “He chose to act
without consideration for the national interest and to place the needs of the
Israeli public at the bottom of his list of priorities.”

Mr Netanyahu’s rightwing Likud,
together with foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman’s rightwing nationalist
Yisrael Beiteinu, formed a coalition after the January 2013 election with Yesh
Atid, a vehicle for Mr Lapid, a former journalist and television presenter.
Naftali Bennett’s ultranationalist Jewish Home and a small party headed by
centre-right Justice Minister Tzipi Livni joined them.

Mr Netanyahu clashed this year with
Mr Lapid over the size of Israel’s defence budget and a proposal by the finance
minister to remove value added tax for new homebuyers.

Mr Lapid, a self-styled champion of
Israel’s secular middle class, said the latter measure would help cash-strapped
young couples, but the prime minister said it would cost the Israeli economy
billions of shekels it could not afford.

Mr Netanyahu and Mr Lapid also
disagreed over the prime minister’s plan to promote the “Jewish state” bill,
which has alarmed Israel’s minority Arabs and led to speculation in the Israeli
media that the prime minister was using the debate to jockey for rightwing
votes in an early election.

Mr Netanyahu’s popularity has fallen
in recent opinion polls, which also show that Mr Lapid’s Yesh Atid – the
second-largest party in the Knesset – would lose many of its seats.

An early election would come at a
time when Israel’s economic growth is slowing and its relations with the US and European countries are
fraying over the stalled peace process with the Palestinians.

Israel fought
a financially and diplomatically costly 50-day war against the militant
Palestinian group Hamas in the Gaza Strip in the summer, and is facing an
upsurge of violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank between Jewish
Israelis and Palestinians.

After Monday night’s meeting, Yesh
Atid officials accused Mr Netanyahu of arriving at the meeting having prejudged
that it would fail, and releasing a statement criticising Mr Lapid just after
it finished.

“Netanyahu decided to go back to his
natural allies: the extreme right and the ultra-Orthodox – that is his basic
decision,” Ofer Shelach, faction chairman for Yesh Atid, told the Financial
Times on Tuesday. “All these supposed reasons for friction are nothing more
than election propaganda.”


Netanyahu has not only created the leaving of the Israel torturous but the
life of the world Jewish community hell by his Zionist and criminal assassin's
outlook opines eminent political analysts. They raised serious questions to the
fact that he had been using Holocaust as ad for commercial purpose and Zionism
to cling to power.

While both these factors impacted adversely the Religion Judaism and the
conducting of genocide on Palestinians regularly particularly recently as PM.
The  activities  has down graded not only on  the Israel's
existence but has damaged the US Congress irreparably politically and

 Just because of  the stupidity of Israel's PM and the US
Congressional Representatives who all openly  and publicly threatened the
UN Secretary General and all departmental heads connected with taking legal
action against the committal of Genocide by Netanyahu.of dire consequences if
any of them takes any action to punish Netanyahu to start a genocide case
against Israel..

Imagine how damaging it was for the US'S Innocent Public and the US
President to face the International Community of Nations and they then to
digest such a horrendous fall out of the event both politically and diplomatically.

These all just happened because of this highly immature politician as PM and
a veteran criminal indicted assassin made to run the office of PM when he has
proved his immature activities time and again during the recent past

About his declaration of early election is is all farce to the effect would
go for early election to get elected by hook or crook and cling to power till
avenges the country's not connected in holocausts but all did not like him. As
far as the World Jewish community is concerned that might go the hell he could
not care about it.

Their opinion may be asked to find out how many of the Jews of the world
community of Jews like Netanyahu Israel's PM


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