Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The US elections – entertaining, but irrelevant | The World

The US elections – entertaining, but irrelevant | The World


Hearing the reaction of the mid term US Election high lighting  the
cause of such a debacle and also the discussion that were broadcasted over TV
and finally having gone through the article I cannot but agree more with the
heading of the article and have the following reasons to have appreciated the

The general American public of all race religion and color are law abiding
and prefer to solve issues quietly and legally. Therefore, I would term them
highly rational and intelligent far more than their leaders whether of the
congress or of the Senate. Because of the fact that public after observing the
adamant, audacious and detrimental behavior was shocked.

They were confirmed that these senior politicians could not work with the
most amiable personality like that of the present President and almost screwed
up the entire Political system of the Country with racist and hate approach by
grid-locking almost all issuing of national concern which could be termed as
anti-state activities of the Republican congress and senate.

So what the public did was put both congress and the senate in the power to
quickly open and process the gridlocked bills and pass them. And now they have
to do it or otherwise the future of the Republican Party would be very bleak
with the 15% percent congressional approval rating and now adding more power if
they fail then the Republicans Party would drown itself for ever in a bucket of
water in shame. And Public would not forgive them

Question comes to light who wins ultimately due to the Election I would
leave it to the readers to brood over the matter and take individual decision.
I would only mention:

 (I) Immigration bill: It was the
Presidential election promise to the Immigrants which was grid locked by
Republican both congress and Senate now the Republicans have to pass and put up
the bill to the President who has the veto power or to sign it .

Now, if the President passes the bill finally who wins? President would have
kept his Election promise to the American voters. So back to the democrats
promise kept and upheld. If the Republicans fail to pass such more bills kept
in grid lock by Republicans congress and Senate then who is the winner again
Republicans or the President?. Every bill would have to be signed by the
President and to do that both the Senate and the Congress have to bow down to
the President to get his signature. Then finally, who or which party wins?

There is a saying that some time to lose is also to win at the end game and
the American public has played the game very diligently for that the public
deserves high appreciation.     

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