Saturday, October 4, 2014

India and the United States: Charming, disarming | The Economist

India and the United States: Charming, disarming | The Economist

Narendra Modi takes America by storm
Oct 4th 2014 | NEW YORK | From the print edition


I read the article very minutely and also the comments to make sure I do not
make mistake in assessment of the visit, and its overall future impact on the
relationship afresh with the two countries standing exactly  180 degrees in
opposite direction with one thing in common with both that is their positive and negative
sides that any human beings possess.

The first thing that strikes is Modi was very cautious in his approach and
at the same time kept the host in good humor as all Indians do. This is a
trait they rarely use to extricate from all difficulties very easily and
also to make own self very friendly and reliable hiding all negative

Having discussed the background of the Indian in general be he/she from any cast,
religion or race. One thing is all  must be very cautious with the Indians while
dealing with them. First hear them then assimilate the meaning correctly and then reply
in short. It is because they are very good in changing the meaning of their
verbatim. Therefore, in such case believe in written statements and very less in
verbal statements.

Believing Modi and opening the subjects of American interest is OK but it
would be better to go slow. My point of saying is all that glitters might not
be gold. That is why first judge the individual from all angles. Then open up
the list of subjects. Modi is a very shrewd person believing him needs a bit of
time. And that he too would be doing in case of others. Home front authorities
should do.the same without fail.

RUSSIAN are watching the entire development with keen
interest. Further elucidation might as well be done by the authorities of the
government responsible to do..

If Moldi really means business he should not miss this opportunity. He
should step forward  and without any hesitation extend his hand of real friendship
with America. That is the last say.

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