Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Americans Believe Inequality Is The World's Greatest Threat. Other Countries Think Differently

Americans Believe Inequality Is The World's Greatest Threat. Other Countries Think Differently


When an impartial person of a foreign say the most accurate truth the policy makers do not believe or accept it but when an American says the same it perforce has to be taken as truth if say EVEN he /she is not near to the truth.

This is what has gradually eaten away the marrow and sense of guiding the world in correct perspective as once it started with the leadership. Does that leadership exists now? Certainly not it has long gone to the garbage dump when G W Bush took over the leadership along with a most hated criminal DICK CHENY a criminal cold blooded murderer ex officer under his father H W Bush.

This two criminals intentionally with criminal motive strangulated  Long years of political history of US's Golden rule of the world as the leader and these two ruffians threw it in the Garbage drum with the active help of the Israel's ZIONIST Terrorist, its poodles AIPAC, CNN and its Republican ZIONIST Terrorist LAWMAKER Supporters, Can the two criminals deny this fact. No! they cant.

The Present  President with the blessing of GOD worked night and day ultimately retrieved the country and put it in the track which the Americans are practically viewing.

But this two illegitimate sons of American was so much influenced by the ZIONIST TERRORISTS of Israel and US  together with a traitor Lieberman lawmaker of US and Bolton an ex official,  on total lies waged a war to steal Iraq's natural underground resources particularly Oil. the majority American now believes it and after observing to help Iraq purely in their internal affair mobilized the American to force the President to go and help is clear of the motive of the anti sate Republican's ZIONIST terrorist link to the earlier motive of the Policy makers also..

The President unwillingly had to go with a vow not to put boots on the ground. This was the last try of the ZIONIST Terrorists of both US AND Israel to smear the good name of this only honest and arduous hardworking President of US to throw him to the same garbage drum in which G W Bush hides to avoid being arrested by Amnesty International for committing crime against humanity. The worst was US  President  had been hit by shoes in iraq. What a shame for the country.  However , again it was REPUBLICAN PARTY 'S  a big presentation of insult to the American which never before could happen..

Where are the intelligent Policy makers why don't they talk as to whatever is happening is wrong. They would not talk because of Ethnic pull. However, very little time is left to avert a colossal headlong damage to the country planed and made by the Republican Party ZIONIST  Terrorists.

American majority public can only avert the coming devastation if the majority American help the President who is Fighting against the Zionists Terrorists at home and abroad with the blessing of GOD and the American.

Many went confused due to the ZIONISTS False Ads and propaganda as usual. ALL the ZIONIST are anti-state element and their agenda is  to kill the  AMERICAN middle class and poor . American must always remember that "A Jackal never changes it characteristics".  
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