Thursday, October 2, 2014

(21) فیس بک


فیس بک


780 Third Ave (between 48th and 49th Sts)
Monday, October 6
11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (for as long as you can)

Let’s tell our Senators and the broader community:
Israel’s ongoing human rights violations are absolutely unacceptable!
US financial support for Israeli human rights violations is entirely unacceptable!

Among Israel’s more recent human rights violations and war crimes are:

Arbitrary raids
Arrests and detentions of Palestinians— sometimes for months or years— without trial
Mass confiscations of Palestinian lands and home demolitions
Bombings and assassinations of civilians in Gaza, in homes, mosques, beaches, hospitals and UN schools
We demand that our Senators hold hearings to apply to Israel the provisions of US law (Foreign Assistance Act, Leahy Law) that require Congress to cut off US aid to a country’s armed forces that have committed a “gross violation of human rights.”

Our actions will include:

Holding signs with our messages on a picket line
Simulating a mock check-point
Reading the names of the Palestinians killed by the IDF in Gaza
Music from the great Dave Lippman and the irresistible Rude Mechanical Orchestra (invited);
Street theatre of all types
A rally at the end of the day
Handing out our leaflets and talking to passersby—and more!
CO-SPONSORED by Jewish Voice for Peace/NY and Jews Say No! ENDORSED BY Adalah NY; CODEPINK NYC; Defense for Children International Palestine; Direct Action Front for Palestine (DAFP);Granny Peace Brigade; JVP-Westchester; Middle East Crisis Response; Palestinian Rights Committee of Upper Hudson Peace Action; Palestine sub-committee, National Lawyers Guild; Northern Manhattan Neighbors for Peace and Justice; SJP SUNY New Paltz; WESPAC Foundation; WE WILL NOT BE SILENT (list in formation]

Thanks a lot my Jew elders brothers and sisters for your solidarity with the poor victims of the Zionists brute aggressions for over 67 years and now facing treachery by SOME  Muslim Nations too.

A shame for those treacherous countries Almighty GOD would never forgive these people those who does treachery with unarmed defenseless innocent people of the Palestine.

The Zionists and supporters those who sanctions arms and ammo to kill and commit genocide on the  innocent Muslim and grab the land forcefully are worse than the ISIL terrorist. why they not be killed by the coalition.

 All super powers please answer for your motivated action in the name of war against terrorists wherein you all are sheltering the actual Zionist terrorist Israel thugs murderers for your interest. You claimants of super powers wearing suit coat and trousers do not make human beings those clothing can also be worn by monkeys and swines.

To become super power of human beings needs rationality in thinking and doing. Not helping the ZIONIST criminals thugs, and murderers like Israel's Zionists terrorists those who grab innocent's land forcibly giving lips service to the innocent defenseless victim because of being Muslim,

Shame to the super powers and the Muslim Countries. They are the real human beings those who all have ultimately came out with the real rational thinking in favor of the victims irrespective of the race religion thinking against the Zionist those who claim to be Jews but are Fake pretenders using the name of the Jews.

It would be kind of the Jewish community to demand the deportation of the AIPAC from the soil of US and cancelling the license of broad casting by CNN a poodle of the Zionist Israel along with the already claimed demands.

Thanks a lot my JEW elders, brothers, sisters, and youngsters for your kind endeavors in support of the innocent Palestinians against the Israel's  ZIONIST thugs and cold blooded murderers. Jenny thanks a lot  to you and your friends and all members of J street.
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