Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Scottish No vote is the start not the end of the argument -

The Scottish No vote is the start not the end of the argument -


I might differ with the writer of the article but his last concluding
sentence. It is because no Independence movement could be silenced forever. May
be it could be silenced for a period but never forever.

The English MONARCHY was ousted from India unceremoniously after ruling for
over 100years so also from all others. In this case, Scots have past experience
with the treachery of the English with them. Therefore, it should not take much

It is unfortunate that this power hungry person the PM of UK should have
remembered the history and learned from it. To keep Scots as a good friend
would have been more useful then to prolong the time to warm the blood spilling
conditions to fight a real battle as always they did before allowing
independence just as they did throughout the world with others would be
catastrophe for the English Monarchy as it always was..

My suggestion is the leaders of 'YES' should use the Prolong time to tighten
up the belt and face bravely the inevitable confrontation with treacherous
community when it comes. Remember the people those who can kill own world-adored
daughter in law without any remorse, just think what this community cannot do
to others. The future would reveal the truth, just we have to wait.

It is sad that some unholy link with the Scots 'NO' leaders with the English
tantamount to treachery with the Scottish Independence movement. Believe these
Political and Business Leaders those who connived with the English should never.

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