Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Having gone through the details of the rise of ISIS and the terror it has caused in the minds of the International Community of Nations by its horrendous brutal acts wherever it operated has instilled such fear that never before any terrorist organization could in the past.
The author of the article very diligently mentioned the cause how and why the rise of a monstrous organization took birth as a well founded and equipped with all the necessary most sophisticated weapons, transport,surface to air missiles including fighter planes required to confront any defense force on earth.It is reported that this ISIS organization is the richest organization in the world.
Now, to solve the problem it would have been easier had the two countries not started fighting within its own citizens killing them mercilessly for years and dislodging them with the support of Iran and Russia---Syria.
And the other by intimidating Sunni and others by depriving them in every sphere of normal life as a citizens in a sovereign independent country with the active support and instigation of Iran.
The Prime Minister Maliki has created such a situation by conduction willful Sectarian rule that the country is at the brink to break up in three parts.
US Congress wants US to shoulder the responsibility and solve the problem by demolition the Existence of ISIS which captured large portion of Syria and Iraq and named it as Islamic state.
In very short ISIS was made to come in existence by Mossad the Israel's intelligence organization to fight the Assad force and accordingly it was equipped with most sophisticated armament and weapons as mentioned above. Over and above it picked up huge extra war booty from the Iraqi army when they ran away leaving the most sophisticated vehicles, arms ammunition missiles and other equipments with which ISIS would be able to confront any army for years as it had acquired source of earning huge finance with which they can purchase arms and ammunition when ever it would need to.
The source to prolong the war has already surfaced Russia for Syria and Iran for Iraq.
West, EU alliance+ NATO has to prepare a Master plan that has to include the financial expenditure that would be incurred every month and the constraints that would be there on the overall economy of the country to be visualized in advance.

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