Thursday, July 17, 2014

Elizabeth Warren Slams Mitch McConnell: He Wants 'Students To Dream A Little Smaller'

Elizabeth Warren Slams Mitch McConnell: He Wants 'Students To Dream A Little Smaller'

Elizabeth Warren Slams Mitch McConnell: He Wants
'Students To Dream A Little Smaller'
Posted: 07/16/2014 12:54 pm EDT Updated:
07/16/2014 1:59 pm EDT

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)
lambasted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Wednesday for his
refusal to help students carrying heavy debts, criticizing McConnell's
suggestion that students should just consider cheaper colleges if they're not
wealthy enough to go to the most expensive schools.

At a town hall event in Buckner, Kentucky
last week, an attendee asked McConnell how he believes the
government can help alleviate student debt. McConnell replied that it is not
the government's role to forgive "obligations that have been voluntarily

"Not everybody needs to go to
Yale," McConnell said, before going on to tout the benefits of for-profit
education, which often leaves students mired in even more debt and unable to find
decent jobs.

Speaking at Make Progress, an annual
gathering of young progressive activists and student leaders held on Wednesday,
Warren hit back.

"Mitch McConnell believes that when it
comes to a choice between protecting tax loopholes for billionaires or reducing
student loan interest rates, he will work to protect every last dollar of every
last tax loophole," said Warren. "And then he tells students to dream
a little smaller, to do with less and give up a little sooner."

"His vision for America is that no one
reaches higher than they can already afford," she added.

Warren has made student debt her signature
issue, part of her larger emphasis on income inequality. Earlier this year, she
introduced a bill that would have enabled millions of people to refinance their
student debt, and would have raised taxes on the wealthiest Americans to
offset that cost. McConnell, who mocked the bill as "a show vote,"
led a filibuster that ultimately torpedoed the bill in the Senate.

The failure of that bill appears to have
fueled Warren's antagonism toward McConnell. As political retribution, she recently campaigned for Kentucky Secretary
of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D), McConnell's challenger in the November
midterm elections. At an event at the University of Louisville on June 29,
Warren and Grimes both attacked McConnell for being out of touch with the needs
of Kentucky students.

Grimes has since announced that her team broke a state record for fundraising in the
second quarter of 2014, taking in more than $4 million in the April-June period

On Wednesday, Warren urged students to tell
McConnell and the 37 other senators who voted against her bill to prioritize
students' concerns, arguing that lawmakers are pitting America's wealthiest
citizens against young people seeking an education.

"This one really does boil down to three
words: billionaires or students," said Warren. "Which way is this
country going?"


I cannot agree more with my co commenter
friends with an addition to the fact that in US Politics there were Three
Zionist Dinosaurs of which one is out and the other two should also be ousted.

Of these two one is Mitch MacConnel and the other is the Speaker Boehner. The
student of the entire country should unite and work to oust these two nation
damaging axis of evil obstructionists. 

Elizabeth Warren's stand should be further strengthened to achieve victory for
the students rights to the facilities envisaged in the bill filibustered by the
axis of evil Mitch MacConnel to stop it passing in the Senate.

To make sure the Bill is passed intact without any change. A nation cannot be left
to dive into the dark without providing proper and full education to each
individual those students that want to avail the opportunity they deserve. It
has to be considered as their individual right and none should be empowered to
obstruct it.

May the students come out United to fight for their individual right to get the
best education that they deserve as citizen that too of the world's number one

At the same time, the students must work to oust the axis of all evils from the
National Politics once for all to stop harming the nation's future by blocking
educational facilities envisaged in the bill only because of sucking the ass of
the rich in lieu of huge financial benefits Mitch MacConnel inclusive.

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