Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7 Israeli Soldiers Killed In Fighting With Hamas

7 Israeli Soldiers Killed In Fighting With Hamas

7 Israeli Soldiers Killed In Fighting With Hamas
Posted: 07/21/2014 1:01 pm EDT Updated:
07/21/2014 3:59 pm ED

JERUSALEM, July 22 (Reuters) - An Israeli soldier is missing in the Gaza Strip
and presumed dead, local media quoted the military as saying on Tuesday, two
days after the Islamist Hamas group announced they had captured a soldier
during clashes.

Israel's Channel 10 News said the military believed the man was killed along
with six other troops in an attack on an armored vehicle on Sunday. However,
the army has only identified six bodies.

Hamas on Sunday announced it had captured an Israeli soldier, but did not say
whether he was dead or alive.

Abu Ubaida, the spokesman of the Hamas's armed wing, said the soldier was
seized in heavy fighting on the Gaza border on Sunday. He displayed a photo ID
and army serial number of the man, but showed no image of him in their hands.

An Israeli military statement on Tuesday said the army had completed the
identification of six of the soldiers killed and that "efforts to identify
the seventh soldier are ongoing and have yet to be determined".

It had already announced the seven deaths on Sunday, but did not immediately
release all the names of the dead.

Israel on Thursday launched a ground offensive into the Gaza Strip. The
deadliest conflict in five years between Israel and the Palestinians has killed
almost 550 Palestinians, many of them civilians, and 29 Israelis, 27 of them

Hamas gained Palestinian acclaim and plaudits from backers in the Arab world
when in 2011 it secured the release of an abducted Israeli conscript soldier,
who was held five years, freeing more than 1,000 Palestinians prisoners in the
process. (Reporting by Maayan Lubell, Editing by


Israel does not understand after the death of 25 Jews soldiers and one whom Hamas
has kidnapped alive from GAZA. May be next time the Hamas terrorists take away
the Israel's dead bodies. What then would you would do Mr. Netanyahu?
Sit and negotiate for the bones wouldn't you Mr. Netanyahu,
where would be your prestige, honor and dignity go to hide then?

The Israelis would kick you right left and center. Be careful not to take the
suggestions lightly. If you do then you might have to give more than you get
out of your hate against Hamas.

Hamas has already placed a tight slap on your face. You may try to rub out the
imprint from your face but it cannot be removed however you may try. It would
remain fresh as a bud till your death.

This is why I warned you not to jump high. Now that you have fallen from the
sky high you would find none beside to put you up standing as you were before
the fall. The slap will remain as a stigma on your face till your death.

Worst is, it is a stigma from Hamas while Ehud
Olmert got one from Hezbollah. What a coincidence that all three of you Hamas,
Olmert, and Netanyahu are all Terrorists in the eyes of the World Community of

You Netanyahu are nothing more than an indicted
world reputed assassin. You have become a dangerous cause to the very existence
of the world Jewish community because of your egoistic hate activities against
Muslims and because of such killing of innocent Muslims infants, children,
youths, men and women throughout the years.

Just, alerting the Israelis to elect better people
to lead the nation not terrorist and criminals. These criminals and terrorists
to remain in power are not solving the dispute with one plea or the other with
the Palestinians this is the only Fact.

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