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Obama warns of US action against ISIL in Iraq - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Obama warns of US action against ISIL in Iraq - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Obama warns of US action against ISIL in Iraq

President says Washington considers "all
options" to help Iraq battle fighters who seized control of major

Last updated: 13 Jun 2014

The US is prepared to intensify its support
to Iraq to help drive out al-Qaeda-inspired fighters who have seized several
cities, President Barack Obama has said.

The president did not rule out air
strikes, raising the possibility of the first American military
intervention in Iraq since the US-led war ended in 2011.

Obama's statement on Thursday came as
fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which has
already taken control over major parts of the country, mainly in the north, vowed to target the capital Baghdad.

"Iraq is going to need more help. It's going to need more help from
us, and it's going to need more help from the international
community," Obama said.

"My team is working around the clock
to identify how we can provide the most effective assistance to them. I
don't rule out anything, because we do have a stake in making sure that
these jihadists are not getting a permanent foothold," he

Cities captured

ISIL, which aims to establish an
Islamic state that straddles ‎the border of Iraq and Syria. has launched a
military campaign in nearly a third of the country along with associated

On Wednesday, the fighters seized Tikrit,
140km northwest of Baghdad, as Iraqi soldiers fled.

The day before, they captured Mosul, Iraq's
second-largest city. ISIL and its allies among local tribesmen also hold the
city of Fallujah and other pockets of the Sunni-dominated Anbar province to
the west of Baghdad.

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About 500,000 people have fled their homes
in fear of increased violence from the ISIL takeovers and possible military
assaults by the army to retake control over the seized areas.

Speaking to reporters at the White House,
Obama said the Iraqis needed to do more to bridge sectarian divides in
the country, but he noted military action was needed right away.

"It's fair to say that in our
consultations with the Iraqis there will be some short-term immediate
things that need to be done militarily, and our national security team
is looking at all the options," Obama said.

"But this should be also a wakeup call
for the Iraqi government. There has to be a political component to

White House spokesman Jay Carney said later
that the United States was not contemplating sending ground troops to

US withdrawal criticised

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant
American troops have returned home
under Obama's tenure. Critics, including Republican Speaker of the House
of Representatives John Boehner, said Obama had contributed to
the unrest in Iraq by failing to negotiate a deal under which
the US would have left a small force there after pulling out troops
at the end of 2011.

Boehner urged Obama to deliver military and
other aid promised to the government in Baghdad. "What's the
president doing? Taking a nap?" he said.

The Obama administration has highlighted
recent US support including delivery of 300 Hellfire missiles, millions
of rounds of small arms fire, thousands of rounds of tank
ammunition, machine guns and other weapons for the Iraqi Security


starting to deliberate on the main topic a very short preamble is very much
necessary  for readers to grasp the subject  matter in its correct

Now, then let us remember the days after WW II when the victors to a group of
the German Jews entrusted them to suggest punishment to the defeated Germans.
The Jews suggested such tough inhuman punishment for the German that later
turned Adolf  Hitler to be obsessed on taking revenge. and that obsession ultimately
culminated in Holocaust.

The sin committed by a handful of Jews resulted in the death of millions of
saner innocent Jews. The cause of Holocaust was labeled on Adolf Hitler but the
initiator was the Jews inhuman suggested punishment for the Germans.

Likewise, the cause of Iraq's sectarian killing was the out come of the Iraq
War that G W Bush +Dick Cheney+ Tony Blair started on pure lies  at the
behest of the Israel's repeated persuasion  and some ZIONIST lawmakers of
US. Later Bush and Tony Blair also publicly confessed to the effect that they
started the war with Iraq on lies.. 

Now the Zionists are moving hell and earth to shift the blame on the shoulders
of the present US  President for all that is happening in Iraq. Whereas
the President had nothing to do with the Initiation of the war or massacre of
innocent Iraqi Civilians , secretarial feud as WAR'S  outcome  and
its repetition now.

Except that he the President executed the election agenda of bringing back the Soldiers home
and stopped the Iraq war. It is a horrendous crime trying to blame the US
President by some particular ZIONISTS with evil motives.

Now, coming to the subject that G W Bush and all his associates with Iraq war
particularly Israel and some ZIONIST lawmakers knew that SHEA and SUNI have a
different religious views and Sunni being the main branch do not go along well
with each other.

But SUNI's do not fight normally with any. and it is exactly the opposite with the
shea  community. They are basically fighters but weaker with Sunnis in real fight. Having
known this fact Bush started the war definitely with evil motive and got
entangled with Genocide crime. His criminal activities and blames cannot under
any circumstances be shifted on the shoulders of the Present President.

Because the President, whatever  he does now is forced upon him to do as
it has become his responsibility to do. Otherwise he definitely would not

The Zionists have a characteristic of first committing / get people to commit a
crime and then tries to shift the same allegation on others shoulders, which
can be  glaringly visible in the case of blame game played by the German
Zionists on Adolf Hilter.   Answer if anyone can as to why or for
what cause ADOLF HITLER committed such a heinous crime as that of being blamed
for Holocaust?

Bombing of Mosul or any part of the country is a part of mutual agreement the
country's must have between them to help in extreme Emergency when one asks for
help. From the UN source it is evident that except moral support no other
support would be available save from Turkey, Iran and USA..

From what it seems overly bombing or air attack would not be very effective, if
enemies  resort to night attacks., well day bombing might but on specific
targets. Day bombings have risk because if enemy has surface to air missiles. 

In this fight who can deny Russia would not supply the armaments. needed to the rebels. Checking
up thoroughly is a must before jumping into action. .

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