Monday, May 26, 2014

White House outs CIA official by mistake -

White House outs CIA official by mistake -

White House outs CIA official by mistake
By CNN Staff
May 26, 2014 -- Updated 2358 GMT
(0758 HKT)
 (CNN) -- The White House accidentally revealed the name of
the CIA's top intelligence official in Afghanistan to some 6,000 journalists.

The person was
included on a list of people attending a military briefing for President Barack Obama during his surprise visit to Bagram
Airfield in Afghanistan on Sunday.
It's common for such
lists to be given to the media, but names of intelligence officials are rarely
provided. In this case, the individual's name was listed next to the title,
"Chief of Station."
'Al Qaeda is on its heels'
The print pool
reporter -- a journalist allowed access to or is given information about an
event who relays it to the rest of the media -- copied and pasted the list that
was provided by the White House.

Print pool reports
are then distributed by the White House press office, which does not edit them,
to a large list of media.

In this case, the
same reporter, Scott Wilson, the White House bureau chief for the Washington
Post, noticed the unusual entry after the list was distributed and then checked
it out with officials. The White House followed up and distributed a shorter
list from a different reporter that did not include the station chief's name.

In his account to
CNN, Wilson said when they arrived in Afghanistan, he asked White House
officials for a list of who would be briefing the President.

A White House
official then asked the military for a list to provide to the pool of
journalists. The official got an e-mail back from the military with a subject
line, "manifest for briefing for Pool," Wilson told CNN. That e-mail
was forwarded to Wilson and he proceeded to copy and paste that list for the
pool report. He then sent it to the White House official, who sent the report
to the distribution list.

After the initial
report had been issued, Wilson noticed that the chief of station had been
identified in the list, which he flagged to the White House official. After
checking with the military, the White House official said, "This is a

The official asked if
Wilson would write another pool report, asking journalists to disregard the
previous report that contained the list with the chief of station's name.
Wilson said he was open to the request and sent the White House a new report.
He said he was unsure whether that report was distributed.

The new list, Wilson
said, was distributed by a separate pool report that included details from
Obama's speech to the troops. That report included a shorter list of names with
a note saying, "this is the correct list of participants."

administration officials are alarmed about the incident, but so far the White
House and CIA officials have declined to comment publicly.

A station chief heads
the CIA's office in a foreign country, establishing a relationship with its
host intelligence service and overseeing agency activities.

The identity of
station chiefs, like most CIA officers, are rarely disclosed to protect them
and their ability to operate secretly.
Given the potentially
dangerous nature of the situation, CNN has not broadcast or published online
the name of the official.

In the most recent
case before this one, the Bush administration infamously leaked the name of former
CIA officer Valerie Plame
to a journalist in 2003.

Plame tweeted on Monday that the White House's mistake this
past weekend is "astonishing."


This is not a unwitting
oversight mistake or any plea would be entertained other then that it is a deliberate attempt to embarrass the President
intentionally. And thus warrants a sustained inquiry and criminal investigation to find
out the real culprit. It also points out that pentagon might be still filled up with
Mossad spy agents. Needs all of them to found out and flashed them out immediately.

It has become must to oust the AIPAC
from US permanently.  Otherwise more it
is apprehended more damage would be done to the nation  The ZIONISTS of the
Republican Party is giving them the shelter and the top Republican ZIONIST
leaders are engaged in anti welfare and anti nation’s activities then why not
outs this unwanted harmful Israel’s Mossad cover up organization. If it is allowed to stay
put then it would  definitely would do more harm. At least the process to oust the organization should now

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