Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Karl Rove Suggests Hillary Clinton May Have Brain Damage (UPDATE)

Karl Rove Suggests Hillary Clinton May Have Brain Damage (UPDATE)

Rove Suggests Hillary Clinton May Have Brain Damage: Report

 | by  Mollie Reilly
05/13/2014 9:03 am EDT
Updated: 42 minutes
It's only 2014, but the 2016 presidential
race has already taken an ugly turn.

According to the New York Post's Page Six, Republican strategist Karl Rove suggested last week
that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have sustained brain damage
after suffering a blood clot in her skull.

Clinton was admitted to the hospital in late December 2012, where doctors
discovered a blood clot related to a concussion she had suffered earlier in the
month. She was released from the hospital several days later.

Rove, however, apparently thinks her stint in
the hospital left some questions unanswered.

"Thirty days in the hospital?" Rove
said, according to Page Six. "And when she reappears,
she's wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury?
We need to know what's up with that.”

Clinton's doctors, however, debunked Rove's theory long ago. Prior to her release from the
hospital in January 2013, Clinton's physicians at a New York hospital said the
clot did not cause Clinton to suffer a stroke, and did not result in any
neurological damage.

“Please assure Dr. Rove she’s 100
percent," a Clinton representative told the Post's Emily Smith.

The remark reportedly came during an
appearance at a Los Angeles conference with former White House press secretary
Robert Gibbs. The
Harry Walker Agency, which represents a long list of political
heavyweights now on the paid speaking circuit, advertises Gibbs and Rove as a
duo that provides "intimate and insightful commentary as they both speak
with great authority and accuracy from a White House insider's perspective."

While Clinton insists she hasn't made a
decision on whether to run for president in 2016, Republicans like Rove began
campaigning against her as early as last year. In May 2013, the Rove-led
American Crossroads super PAC released an ad questioning Clinton's handling of the
2012 attack in Benghazi.


Hey! You
lollypop, a ass kisser of the Republican Party Zionists first tell the American
public that you would stick to your announcement. Then be ready to face the law
pursuit for your statement. You without any basic solid evidence you predicted 

ominous thing happening to to the ex First Lady,  ex Secretary of State a VVIP 
likely Presidential candidate in 2016 presidential election. It is a horrendous 
criminal statement that you made and American Public is forced to presume 
that until and unless you in collusion with the Republican Zionists conspired
to damage her brain her by poisoning her secretly to harm her during or before
election to oust her from presidential
race, how could you make such public announcement on her health reason 
when she is conducting her daily schedule absolutely normally unhindered? 
Is it not to boost Jeb Bush to run the presidential race and facilitate him to 
win the election. 
American public thinks that you and you accomplices have planned to 
adopting fraudulent means as was done to make G W Bushto win the race
with Al Gore when Jeb Bush the governor of Florida who helped in the Fraud?
However, American Public 
has taken your  Statement very seriously and demanded proper legal protection
both in civil and in uniform with regard to her safety and security of life from you 

and the Republican Party in general before and after election.and also everywhere 
during election. At the same Justice Department is requested to immediately 
order a sustained 
inquiry and investigation to find out who all are in the conspiracy to damage 
Hillary Cliton’s brain and create hazard to her safety and security of life. This 
warrants to
take Rove in Custody of CIA Or FBI and interrogate extensively until the truth
about the conspiracy is obtained.
This is very sensitive issue for the Government to the effect that if any thing happens
(Meaning Anything) to Hillary Clinton the Entire Republican Party including the 
Congress might get entangled in the case. The Presidential office is obligate 
to take severe action as per law and constitutionally to dip down to the bottom for
such a statement of Rove over again and again.  

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