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Indian villagers protest after teenage sisters raped and hanged from tree - Telegraph


Indian villagers protest after teenage sisters raped and hanged from tree

policemen among four people arrested for allegedly raping teenage girls who
were found hanging from a tree in a village in northern India

8:49AM BST 30 May 2014

Two teenage sisters in rural India were raped and killed by attackers who
hung their bodies from a mango tree, which became the scene of a silent protest
by villagers angry about alleged police inaction in the case.

Two of the four men arrested so far are police officers.

Villagers found the girls' bodies hanging from the tree early on Wednesday,
hours after they disappeared from fields near their home in Katra village in
Uttar Pradesh state, police superintendent Atul Saxena said. The girls, who
were 14 and 15, had gone into the fields because there was no toilet in theirhome.

 Hundreds of angry villagers stayed
next to the tree throughout Wednesday, silently protesting the police response.
Indian TV footage showed the villagers sitting under the girls' bodies as they
swung in the wind, and preventing authorities from taking them down until the
suspects were arrested.

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Police arrested two police officers
and two men from the village later Wednesday and were searching for three moresuspects.

Autopsies confirmed the girls had been raped and strangled before being
hung, Saxena said.

The villagers accused the chief of the local police station of ignoring a
report by the girls' father Tuesday night that the girls were missing. The
station chief in Katra, 180 miles (300km) south-west of the state capital,
Lucknow, has since been suspended. 

The family belongs to the Dalit community, also called
"untouchables" and considered the lowest rung in India's age-old
caste system.

Records show a rape is committed every 22 minutes in India, a nation of 1.2
billion people. Activists say that number is low because of an entrenched
culture of tolerance for sexual violence, which leads many cases to go
unreported. Women are often pressed by family or police to stay quiet about
sexual assault, and those who do report it are often subjected to public
ridicule or social stigma.

India tightened its anti-rape laws last year, making gang rape punishable by
the death penalty, even when the victim survives. The new laws came after the
fatal gang rape of a 23-year-old woman on a bus in New Delhi that triggered
nationwide protests.

Health workers, police and women's rights activists say women and girls face
the risk of rape and harassment when they go out into fields or bushes due to
the lack of toilets in their homes.

More than a half billion Indians lack access to toilets. A recent study said
around 30 percent of women from poor families faced violent sexual assaults
every year because they did not have access to a safe toilet.

Last month, the head of Uttar Pradesh state's governing party, the
regionally prominent Samajwadi Party, told an election rally that the party was
opposed to the law calling for gang rapists to be executed.

"Boys will be boys," Mulayam Singh Yadav said. "They make


The previous Italian congress party Leader
did less to worry about the Indian citizen more of making money and corrupting
the Indian nation. How could she have any feeling for a land and the nation that
initially did not accept her leadership and vehemently objected to accept her as Indian.
at this she felt highly insulted, but gulped the harassment and insult quietly. 

Political analysts,
opined that later when the incompetent below standard political leaders of the
party supported her to take up the responsibility of the Party’s Leadership with
a view to make money keeping near as good boy of the Party
Chairperson minted illegal money.

Further they
opined that she grabbed the opportunity to avenge the insult and damaged the nation
irreparably in social aspects and intellectually and morally corrupting the nation.
The analysts even opined that it is reported She is a very Jealous and vindictive women at the sametime proved to be extremely immature in Indian Politics. This is because this
party was led by persons like Nehru and Indira whereas she stands nowhere
near their political standard.

Further they added
that whatever the present government does to Curb crimes and
arrest the sliding down of the law and order situation their effort 

would virtually result in vain and they would be miserable failure
to achieve any better result. The government might see the light 
of hope but that hope would soon enough die. .

 Mean while this women avenged the insult to
her by the Indian congress party politicians.

The Congress party has totally damaged all vital government
institutions like Justice Department, Police Department, Medical Department and
all Government Administrative Departments including all Ministries. She went so
far as to send the Foreign Secretary a female to broker winning election for a
particular Neighboring country’s Political Party with the intent to install a puppet
government. She approached the party leader of a so called third big party 

in a closed door meeting. That party leader so approached by her divulged the
secret to the public over that country’s television. that infuriated the general 

public against the Party concerned she was brokering for.

When the whole
world rejected the Election result It was India only Country that supported 

the result, while hundreds of innocent people were killed
by the Party in power's activists and by the country's police 

to silence  the protestors against the party. 

World Community of Nations was astounded by India’s 
decision even the Secretary General of UN reject such a 
horrendous election result.   

Analysts are of the strong opinion that this dreadful social crime 
RAPE in India has gone beyond control on the contrary would 
further escalate. Congress has left the country in a very precarious
state with the 

Maoist Party has now become a threat to the nation with the
seven sisters demand for secession with India’s previous 

government open naked activities of intervention in the internal 
affairs of the neighboring country which the country’s population 
aggrieved and is highly averse to Congress Party's irresponsible 
activities. .

The present government will face many hurdles in the coming days. 
Praying so that  the Indian government clears all hurdles successfully
 and confound the World Community of Nations by putting the country
on correct tracks to run friendly with all neighboring countries paying 

proper respect and getting the same and more respect by love not hate
and corrosion.     
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