Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Elizabeth Warren Pressing Congress On Student Loan Debt

Elizabeth Warren Pressing Congress On Student Loan Debt

Elizabeth Warren Pressing Congress On Student Loan Debt

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants the next
debate in Congress on student loans to focus on helping borrowers refinance
their debt.

The Massachusetts Democrat was to file a bill Tuesday that
would open the door for potentially millions of recipients of federal loans to
refinance at the same rate current recipients can get. Undergraduates, for
example, qualify for loan at a 3.86 percentage rate.

The bill is part of a larger effort by Democrats to focus
on college costs leading up to the November election. Reps. George Miller,
D-Calif., and John Tierney, D-Mass., were to file a companion bill in the

Last year, Congress reached a bipartisan deal that ties
federal student loan interest rates to financial markets for students who take
out loans, starting last July.

Warren's bill would be paid for by raising taxes on
wealthy Americans. It faces many hurdles to passage.

Student loan debt totals more than $1.2 trillion.

"This is an economic emergency, and we can't ignore
it any longer," Warren said.

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