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NATO: Russia Has 'Sizeable' And 'Very, Very Ready' Forces At Ukraine Border

NATO: Russia Has 'Sizeable' And 'Very, Very Ready' Forces At Ukraine Border

NATO: Russia Has 'Sizeable' And 'Very, Very Ready'
Forces At Ukraine Border
03/23/2014 6:18 am EDT Updated: 03/23/2014 1:59 pm EDT

UN Approves Resolution Calling Russia's
Crimea Annexation Illegal

Posted: 03/27/2014 12:02 pm EDT Updated: 03/27/2014 5:59 pm EDT
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — In a sweeping rebuke of Moscow, the U.N. General Assembly on
Thursday overwhelmingly affirmed Ukraine's territorial integrity and deemed the
referendum that led to Russia's annexation of the Crimean Peninsula illegal.

vote on the Ukraine-sponsored resolution was 100 countries in favor, 11 opposed
and 58 abstentions.

Ukraine has a lot of sympathy among the 193 U.N. member states, Russia has a
lot of clout. Both sides lobbied hard ahead of the vote, and diplomats had
predicted a significant number of abstentions and a maximum 80 to 90 countries
supporting the resolution.

the high number of "yes" votes, representing more than half the 193
U.N. member states, was a sign of international anger at Moscow's slow-motion
military invasion of Crimea.

support has come from all corners of the world which shows that this (is) not
only a regional matter but a global one," Ukraine's Foreign Minister
Andriy Deshchytsia told reporters after the vote.

was only able to muster 10 other "no" votes — Armenia, Belarus,
Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

the more powerful Security Council, resolutions in the General Assembly cannot
be vetoed but are not legally binding.

has blocked action in the Security Council where they have veto power as one
its five permanent members. Even so, the 15-member council has held eight
meetings on Ukraine, as Western powers strive to keep up the pressure on

the vote, Ukraine's Deshchytsia told the assembly that his country's
territorial integrity and unity had been "ruthlessly trampled" by
Russia, a permanent member of the Security Council entrusted to maintain
international peace and security, and in direct violation of the U.N. Charter.

text is all about respect for territorial integrity and non-use of force to
settle disputes," he said.

U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin urged a "no" vote, saying a historic
injustice in Crimea has been corrected and its people had expressed their right
to self-determination in wanting to join Russia.

called the resolution "confrontational in nature" and said it would
be "counterproductive" to challenge the results of the referendum.

the past week, Churkin mounted a campaign against the resolution, claiming the
dispute is an East-West issue. Ukraine's U.N. Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev
countered in meetings with regional groups that Russia violated the U.N.
Charter and stressed that the country is not a member of any bloc.

international community has sent a strong message through the passing of this
resolution that Russia cannot simply trample over international law,"
British Foreign Secretary William Hague said in a statement after the vote.

Ambassador Samantha Power, in urging a "yes" vote, stressed its call
for a diplomatic, not a military solution, to the crisis and the need to
de-escalate tensions and an electoral process that allows all Ukrainians to
choose their leaders freely and without coercion.

have always said that Russia has legitimate interests in Ukraine," Power
said. "It has been disheartening in the extreme to see Russia carry on as
if Ukrainians have no legitimate interests in Crimea."

has been at the center of Europe's greatest geopolitical crisis since the end
of the Cold War. Russian troops took over the Ukrainian peninsula, where
Russia's Black Sea fleet is based, and Moscow officially annexed Crimea
following a referendum last week.

upheaval in Crimea is the fallout of months of anti-government protests and
outbursts of violence that led to the ouster of Ukraine's pro-Russia president,
Viktor Yanukovych, who fled last month.

resolution adopted Thursday says the referendum on Crimea has "no
validity" and calls on all countries and organizations not to recognize
Russia's annexation.

also calls on all parties to immediately pursue a peaceful resolution of the
situation in Ukraine "through direct political dialogue" and to
refrain from "inflammatory rhetoric that may increase tensions."

The UN resolution
should be a wake up call for the uncouth country which thought it had done a
great deed by annexing Crimean. Russia had never been a super power it was
because US that Adolf Hitler could not Fuck it properly other wise Hitler was
prepared to shove the full length rough rod of 10ft long through Russia where
upon it would not today be able to show its dirty face to the world.
Its poodle India with
a disciple of the Italian ex-Prime Minister the world wide reputed fucker Berlusconi as
the party chief of a party got India fucked and made the women folk shout out
on Indian streets that  the country is no
more India it should be renamed as a Rapist country.
I apprehend that the
Spy agent’s days are numbered and may find his own people or men might sort him
out soon enough well and proper. The world is in the wait to see the end of the
game of Russian’s annexation of Ukraine land. How could such a irresponsible
person like a spy agent be nominated to such a sensitive responsible post of the
nation. This shows how irresponsible this nation’s ex national leaders were.
This is no show of
valor by shooting down a helicopter of Ukraine why don’t Russia try the same
with China. China would not wait to shove 20ft long  rough bamboo through Russia. If Russia has to
claim its valor then go and show your valor and see what China makes of you.
Russian depends on Jew Scientists but Chinese do not depend on any they do it
themselves. Where was China and where China is now and the irresponsible Russia
went down the drain to the gutter instead of going up. Does not have any shame came to show
Hope the illiterate
spy agent of Russia understands what is UN charter and UN  resolution means  with regard to his obstinacy and audacious
action of might is right.
UN could not avoid
but had to take the resolution in security council meeting and also in the
general assembly to infuse the contents and meaning of those decision in his
dull head to understand that the entire world spits on his bloody face for his
filthy action of annexing Crimean  the
land of Ukraine a Sovereign Independent country. Russia claims it to be a
founding member of the UN and strictly adhere to the charter of UN, can such
claim of Russia not be termed as century’s Joke. . It is now clear that the spy
agent has no knowledge of International law and the UN charter. It is not
enough to become the President of a country but some grey matters must be there
to understand what is what in a civilized world. This person is living in stone
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