Sunday, February 23, 2014

Russia says Ukraine opposition has flouted deal and seized power | Reuters

Russia says Ukraine opposition has flouted deal and seized power | Reuters

Russia says Ukraine opposition has flouted deal and
seized power
Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:21pm EST
- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told U.S. Secretary of State John
Kerry on Sunday opponents of Ukraine's Viktor Yanukovich had failed to abide by
a peace deal they signed on Friday and had seized power, the ministry said.

In their second telephone conversation in two days,
Lavrov told Kerry "the most important thing now is to provide for the
complete fulfillment" of the agreement brokered by three top European
Union diplomats, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"The Ukrainian opposition is deviating from the
agreement, having in effect seized power in Kiev, refused to disarm and
continued to place its bets on violence," Lavrov told Kerry, according to
a ministry statement.

Lavrov "drew attention to the fact that the
document bears the signatures of representatives of several Western states, and
that the United States officially welcomed its conclusion," it said.

A Russian envoy sent by President Vladimir Putin to
participate in mediation efforts did not sign the peace deal. Since its signing,
Yanukovich has fled the capital and lawmakers have voted to oust him and name a
temporary replacement.

The dramatic events followed a deadly two-month
standoff that began when Yanukovich shelved plans to sign political and trade
deals with the EU and said Ukraine would seek closer ties with Moscow, which
swiftly offered a $15 billion bailout.


might be the thinking of Russia the West and EU must confront unitedly and
solidly like the rock of Gibraltar. Russia has no right to run a unilateral
hostile rule over all its neighboring countries and impose its authority and
desires. Time has come to put Russia in its proper place and respect the right
of self determination of all the countries. AS it is now the right time to help
these poor tortured countries and save them to live a better live which they
was waiting for the opportunity to annex Ukraine in the very near future but
God has afforded it a chance and left in the hands of the West, EU countries
and the rest of the world to help the countries that need help direly to
is here where US, EU and all other countries of the world should contribute to
free Ukraine out of the dire trouble created by Russian financial
conspiratorial noose around it to force it to surrender to Russian’s
demand/desires or lose its independence.


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