Monday, February 3, 2014

Republicans Blame Obama Over Immigration Reform

Republicans Blame Obama Over Immigration Reform

Republicans Blame Obama Over Immigration Reform
By PHILIP ELLIOTT 02/03/14 03:28 AM ET EST

(AP) — Republicans are starting to lay the blame on President Barack Obama if
an overhaul of the nation's broken immigration system fails to become law.

GOP's emerging plan on immigration is to criticize Obama as an untrustworthy
leader and his administration as an unreliable enforcer of any laws that might
be passed. Perhaps realizing the odds of finding a consensus on immigration are
long, the Republicans have started telling voters that if the GOP-led House
doesn't take action this election year, it is Obama's fault.

the president had been serious about this the last five years, we'd be further
along in this discussion," Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican, said

Republicans last week unveiled a road map for an overhaul of the nation's
broken immigration system that calls for increased border security, better law
enforcement within the U.S. and a pathway to legal status — but not citizenship
— for millions of adults who live in America unlawfully. The proposal requires
those here illegally to pay back taxes and fines.

one of its backers, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin , said distrust of Obama
poisons interest among some in his Republican caucus.

the issue that all Republicans agree on: We don't trust the president to
enforce the law," said Ryan, his party's vice presidential nominee in

said a plan that puts security first could only pass the House if lawmakers
believe the administration would enforce it — an unlikely prospect given
Republicans' deep opposition to Obama. The president's waivers for provisions
in his 4-year-old health care law have increased suspicions among Republicans.

isn't a trust-but-verify, this is a verify-then-trust approach," Ryan

whether immigration legislation would make its way to Obama for him to sign
into law, Ryan said he was skeptical: "I really don't know the answer to
that question. That is clearly in doubt."

The Senate last year passed a comprehensive, bipartisan bill that addressed
border security, provided enforcement measures and offered a long and difficult
path to citizenship for those living here illegally. The measure stalled in the
GOP-led House, where leaders want to take a more piecemeal approach.

the meantime, Republicans have started uniting behind a message that Obama
won't hold up his end of the bargain.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor said "there's a lot of distrust of this
administration in implanting the law." And Republican Sen. Marco Rubio,
R-Fla., last week warned that distrust of Obama would trump the desire to find
a solution for the estimated 11 million people living in the United States

just don't think government will enforce the law anyway," Rubio said,
recounting conversations he's had with fellow Republicans.

legislation is a dicey political question for the GOP. The party's conservative
base opposes any measure that would create a pathway to citizenship for
immigrants living here illegally, but many in the party worry that failing to
act could strengthen support among many voters for Democratic candidates.

2012, Obama won re-election with the backing of 71 percent of Hispanic voters
and 73 percent of Asian voters. The issue is important to both voting blocs.

White House, meanwhile, is trying to give Republicans a chance to hammer out
their intra-party differences in the hopes they find a way to give legal
standing to those here illegally.

ought to see a pathway to citizenship for people," White House chief of
staff Denis McDonough said Sunday. "We don't want to have a permanent
separation of classes or two permanent different classes of Americans in this

said the White House remains optimistic that legislation that includes
citizenship could reach the president's desk: "We feel pretty good that
we'll get a bill done this year."

spoke to CNN's "State of the Union." Ryan appeared on ABC's
"This Week." Cantor was interviewed on CBS' "Face the Nation."
McDonough appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" and CBS


After being slapped by the Hispanics during
the Presidential election of 2012 and loosing the fight with a shameful election
result that broke the backbone of the once a great Republican Party,  had to take shelter under the leadership of
the Zionists and extreme rightist.

That resulted in devastation of the Republican
Party, is now being widely known popularly by the nationals as spineless  Republican Political Party having most
horrendous corrupt senior leaders as well as irresponsible young highly
intellectually corrupt congressional Representatives.

In addition, Republican Party has
become the cause of disagreement working against the development and progress
of the lone superpower. Furthermore, the Republican Congressional
Representative showed strong signs of being more loyal to the Zionist leaders individually
to Israel and Israel country wise. This can be considered as anti-state act.

Blame game is a game of the weak liar
rotten politicians. This game backfires whosoever uses to cow down the opponent
with lies. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal a Republican and Rep. Paul Ryan of
Wisconsin would soon realize how painful a blame game is when both would be labeled
as national liars.

Hispanics are not bloody fools and dumb
to count on liars, torturers and Spineless Republican Party which was never serious
with Hispanics and others people of other countries immigration matters to ease
their untold miseries after promising decades after decades that the matter would
be done.

What could be more humiliating and crime
against humanity denying human rights decades after decades after promising it
would be done. When the election shows up these Republicans steps out on the
street and appears with a begging pot to seek vote,  

Promising heaps of false attractive
election agendas. But these Republicans never acted on their promises  to the nations announced before the election
except death to its citizen at home and abroad at the behest of Israel’s

 Surely Jindal and Ryan Paul thinking Hispanic is
their target is wrong as they all have found their firm station in Democrats home.


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