Saturday, February 15, 2014

Netanyahu’s moral collapse - Opinion Israel News | Haaretz

Netanyahu’s moral collapse - Opinion Israel News | Haaretz

Netanyahu’s moral collapse

Instead of overcoming the harsh legacy that
the Oslo camp bequeathed him, the prime minister has adopted the school of
thought that almost led Israel over the edge of the abyss

By Israel Harel | 21:58 29.01.14 |


The chairman of
the Likud − the party that swore loyalty to the wholeness of the Land of Israel
− is leading the State of Israel’s citizens toward a parting from the heart of
the country. Benjamin Netanyahu described his reason for doing so clearly to
the people who attended the conference at the Institute for National Security
Studies: “I do not want a...


Intelligentsias and the University students of Israel are all together is
voicing hate for this indicted assassin for his treachery with the Nation of Israel.
This son of a Nazi rogue is running the affairs of the country like those who fucked the mothers of this nation is following
the Nazi style of rule without any iota of doubt. It is  because of his Master
plan to stab the Americans nation.  If he deviates then he would have to abandon the conspiratorial trust with Russia  which would be too dear to
do that as it would be a mater of life and death and to declare the conspiratorial decision prematurely would be
treachery with Russia.

So if
he does that he would be asked to report to Almighty God to submit in detail of
this sin of Mistrust of the conspiracy that would cause great lose to an
innocent nation that reared him and the entire ZIONIST  nation of Israel since before and after World
War II. 

This indicted assassin criminal Nitanyahu is a naked example of Israel’s
national shame.

Previous such like criminals of Israel PMS so far are all with criminal background.
And in all case they all behaved as a highly venomous snakes. These snakes were
so poisonous that UK  and EU countries
even West  shivers to even speak out which this Israeli 
snakes killed their most beloved political leaders like the assassination of JFK
may be sighted as a glaring example. CIA and FBI detects all cases except this case. This simply unacceptable. 

It remains undetected be it was done to clearing the path for obtaining permission to allow Israel to go
nuke. After the assassination with the then Republican and democratic ZIONIST’S  collaboration and Israel's Lobby group followers got the permission and went nuke. Now none dare talk about disarming of Israel.

JFK was the only
US President who stood like a solid rock against allowing Israel to go Nuke. It
is now important that US has to stand up equal to the situation and confront
the ordeal created by this animal minded criminal the assassin to put the
nation of Israel intentionally to the verge of destruction only because of
Egoistic self satisfaction to avenge Holocaust .


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