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Kerry: If talks fail, Israel's future as a democratic Jewish state is at stake - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz

Kerry: If talks fail, Israel's future as a democratic Jewish state is at stake - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz

Kerry: If talks fail, Israel's future as a democratic Jewish state is at

at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Kerry says 'today's status quo cannot
last forever.'

| Jan. 24, 2014 | 7:00 PM |

Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday that if Israeli-Palestinian
negotiations fail, Israel's future as a democratic Jewish state is at stake.

talks fail, for Israel, the demographic dynamic will make it impossible to
preserve its future as a democratic Jewish state," Kerry said during a
speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

said that today's status quo cannot last forever, and that a failure to make
peace will lead to a deteriorating security environment and growing isolation
that can put economic prosperity at risk.

also stressed the U.S. commitment to Israel security. "There cannot be
peace unless Israel's security and its needs are met," he said.
"Security is a priority – because we understand that Israel needs to be
strong to make peace, but we also believe that peace will make Israel

said that the Palestinians are risking losing their last chance for an
independent state.

outlined several U.S. principles for solving the core issues: an independent
state for the Palestinians wherever they may be; security arrangements for
Israel that leave it more secure; a full, phased and final withdrawal of the
Israeli army, a just and agreed solution to the Palestinian refugee problem; an
end to the conflict and all claims; and mutual recognition of the nation-state
of the Palestinian people and the nation-state of the Jewish people.

spoke about the security plan the U.S. government arranged for the border
between the West Bank and Jordan. He admitted that technology alone is not the
answer, but it can contribute significantly to security, such as the case with
Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile system. He said that in coordination with
Jordan, Israel and the Palestinians could establish the most secure border in
the world.

said that he is working with Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
on a framework for negotiations that would include principles for the core
issues. "At the end of the day, it is up to Netanyahu and Abbas to
recognize that peace is in the best interest of their people," Kerry said.

U.S. secretary of state on Thursday told Al Arabiya that, at this stage, the
sides were unable to bridge the differences and agree on a draft agreement.

still negotiating," he said. "We’re working in good faith with both
of the parties. The leaders have been very, very committed to this process. My
hope is we can achieve the framework for final status negotiations. But it’s
very, very difficult and we have a lot of work to do."

framework agreement, Kerry noted, would clarify how both sides see a final
peace deal and the end of the conflict.

framework agreement would be the best thinking of both parties as to what the
endgame of a peace agreement could look like and what they would agree to as a
matter of principles as to how they would negotiate towards that endgame final
status agreement… we don’t want an interim agreement – but … a final status
agreement where you have end of conflict, end of claims, there’s a Palestinian
state, there’s an end of occupation, and security for Israel is clear, and
people can see the future."


It seems from the statement of the US
Secretary of State as a negotiator that he is more worried about the security
of the aggressor Israel than the victim Palestinians because of the fact that he
never for once mentioned that the same security is needed to ensured for the Palestinians.

World community of nations cannot be silent
on such an issue where for the last 67 years Israel tired to wipe out the Palestinians
from the surface of the earth by committing proven genocide after genocide of the most
horrendous nature in human history no less than the Holocaust committed by
Adolf Hitler. 

At that time the world formed a court for trial of the offenders,
but what happened to those Super powers that are silent over the similar type
of Holocaust committed by Israel and had been indicted and yet no punishment.

Analysts are of the opinion that such
incidents would never be able to be suppressed by any power in the world for
long as GW Bush would not be able to let him go free with his associates even after  their death.  So also Israelis connected with the Muslim
Genocide in Gaza would also not be let to go free. 

There is a say in eastern
countries that “ This today is not the only today lot many today would follow, then
this today would be taken to equate with one of the coming today” Israel's nation must
remember it and bow down to accept the atrocities committed by it and apologies. 

blood that they have in their hands are fresh and still have the smell of blood
of the Muslim needs serious unconditional humble penance by the nation.

Throughout the human history no solution
was possible by audacity and obstinacy or by any audacious and obstinate criminals.
It was only possible by people like the US President Obama none else, because of his sincerity
and firm believe that all issues can be solved by dialog, negotiation and diplomacy.  

 Kerry was entrusted with the job to negotiate because he is basically a
JEW and is believed to be impartial and that Israel PM would believe him. But Alas!
criminals never listen to the religious sermons. 

We people of the world
Community of Nations would expect that never ever again US would come forward
with veto power in favor of Israel or obstruct the individual claim of
INDEPENDENCE OF PALESTINIANS pending in UN if the present Peace negotiation
fails then it should be the end and final.

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