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Bangladesh's 'battling begums' - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

Bangladesh's 'battling begums' - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

Bangladesh's 'battling begums'

interviews with the former jailed PMs who are once again the election's two
main contenders.

Bangladesh goes to the polls on Monday
with two former prime ministers fighting in what is a restoration of democracy
after two years of an army-backed government.Sheikh Hasina Wajed, leader of the
Awami League, and Khaleda Zia, leader of the 

Bangladesh Nationalist Party - from opposing political dynasties -
were jailed for a year on corruption charges by the current regime, but deals
have seen them released from custody to ensure they take part in Monday's
vote.Al Jazeera has exclusive interviews - the first by any foreign media -
with the "battling begums".Aljazeera: Why should the people of
Bangladesh elect you again?Khaleda Zia: "I have done a lot of work for the
people of Bangladesh.  I've developed the
education system, there was a lot of local and foreign investment, the economy
is a lot stronger."That's why people like me and the Bangladesh 

Nationalist Party. "That's why people want to elect the BNP again. This is
why people have voted for us before. We have brought democracy, we have
developed the country and the country will continue to progress with us and
that's why people like us."Sheikh Hasina: Last time I was in power I
ensured their [Bangladeshis] food safety net. We ensured health, we control the
law and order situation, we ensure peace. Definitely people will vote for us,
they will elect us, we are confident about it.How do you respond to the
corruption charges against you?Khaleda Zia: "From time to time, some local
and international conspirators started plotting against our government and
against us so we will not get good results in the election."They did it to
keep me out of politics ... They could not punish me, that’s why I am standing
in the election."Khaleda Zia,Leader of the 

Bangladesh Naitonalist
Party"They created anarchy in the streets, they paralysed the port, they
uprooted the rail lines and they started killing people."I was under house
arrest for six months. I was in jail for one year, but after nine months they
submitted a charge-sheet of just one case and it is so weak that they will
never be able to punish me with that charge."Later the government and its
different agencies realised that my case is not true and it is a fabricated
case. It was just done to put me in jail. Still now, I say I'm not guilty and
my sons are not guilty. They did it to keep me out of politics ... They could
not punish me, that’s why I am standing in the election."Sheikh Hasina:
"Already it has been proved that I haven't been involved in any
corruption, neither myself, nor my children, nor my family."No we didn't
do any corruption. All those cases they filed, all are vilified, false,
fabricated and already it is proven."Why do you want to be prime minister
again?Khaleda Zia: "My husband was very popular. He gave the Declaration
of Independence and he fought for liberation. 
He was so popular that the people of the country brought him into power
for the sake of the country and he became a very popular president.
"Within a very short time he did a lot of development work for the
country. He contributed a lot to the economy to the country. He was
assassinated by the conspirators because the people of the country loved
him."After his assassination people thought that for the BNP to survive,
in the absence of Zia Rahman, someone should take control of the party. That's
why they wanted me to lead the party."I never thought of being a
politician and under pressure from the people I had to enter politics. I didn't
have any ambition to enter politics, but I have so much love from the people
that I came into politics."Sheikh Hasina: "Because of my people. I
love my people, my father loved these people, he worked for these people, and
the independence of this country."A better life ... That was our dream for
the nation. So we have a vision, a vision for a prosperous country"Sheikh 

Hasina,Leader of Awami League"He established this country as a prosperous
country, a free country. Still our people are suffering. They have no food, no
education, no shelter, no health care, and still our people are suffering, so I
cannot stop, out of fear that I might be killed."I know I may be killed
because my father, my mother, my brothers ... My whole family was assassinated
but still I am working. "This is a commitment to the people. I want to
ensure they have a better life, ensure food, security, health care, education
... A better life, that was our dream for the nation. So we have a vision, a
vision for a prosperous country – that's why I am willing to sacrifice for the
sake of my people, my country."


It seems India has toppled all the
supper powers by dint of her singular support of a unconstitutional election of
Bangladesh claiming itself a democratic country when the rest of the world out
right rejected the outcome of the election and the
unconstitutional election under the Awami league supporter
election commission.

It is seen that Awami league Chairperson with her some criminal leaders per
force with the help of the law enforcement force formed a illegal government
stated that it cares none only because she thinks she has the backing of Russia
and India.

The West, EU countries and all other countries of the world are demanding a
fresh election but the AL Chairperson is audaciously adamant that she would run
the country for next five years.

This clearly shows that India is encouraging her to run the country as
autocratic form against Will of 95% population. India has already divided the
nation into two and spoiled the police department of the country that killed
own compatriots like street dogs during the protests.

Which the Al leaders appreciated instead of  taking drastic against those
police force personal killing with motive to kill opposition.

Even the World Community of Nation witnessed over TV. and the entire World
Community of nation including the UN Secretary General resented such killings
by the law enforcing agencies and AL activists under the protection of the
police force


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