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Bangladesh ex-politicians, army officers sentenced to death -

Bangladesh ex-politicians, army officers sentenced to death -

Bangladesh ex-politicians, army officers sentenced to
death for smuggling arms
Farid Ahmed, CNN
30, 2014 -- Updated 1229 GMT (2029 HKT)
  • Of
    the 52 people initially accused, 38 were acquitted
  • Police
    seized trucks of sophisticated arms and ammunition
  • Officials
    sentenced included the ex-director of army intelligence
Dhaka, Bangladesh (CNN)
-- A Bangladeshi court Thursday sentenced 14 people to death for smuggling
sophisticated arms and ammunition in a case that dates a decade ago.
A court in the southeast port city of Chittagong announced
the verdict for the group that included two ex- ministers, former government
officials and a top separatist movement leader in India's northeast state of
Police seized 10 trucks of sophisticated arms and ammunition
in April 2004 while they were getting offloaded in a state-run factory
supervised by the industry ministry.
They included 4,930 sophisticated firearms, 27,020 grenades
and 840 rocket launchers, officials said.
Of the 52 people initially accused, 38 were acquitted.
Officials sentenced included the ex-director of army
intelligence, Maj. Gen. Rezzakul Haider Chowdhury, and former national security
intelligence director, Brig. Gen. Abdur Rahim.
Paresh Barua, a top leader of United Liberation Front of
Assam, was also sentenced to death in absentia. So was former industry
secretary, Nurul Amin.
Defense lawyers said they plan to appeal the verdict in a
higher court.


The eminent
analysts opined that the government is being run on advices of a  rapist country. And it has gone off the track of
running the country smoothly and Independently as per law of the land ensuring Justice to all citizen alike. But it is far from that \\.
principle. it is
reported that this has resulted in misusing the law and manipulating to get judgments in favor to kill to prove to the world that none other than their Political Party
to be loyal as best people of the political entity to fight the extremist. On the contrary the fact is otherway around.

Recently the
entire world shunned this Rapist, racist, genocide committal country on various counts,
  where in the citizens of that country said the
name of the country is not India but Rapistan country 
When does any sane person thinks of such reaction against his/her own motherland?,. Surely  when the citizens understand that his/her living in that country
is simply unbearable to continue under a uncouth filthy government that not only makes good
promises but takes no action for the safety and security of the lives and properties of the citizens. Instead gets always busy to
create political instability in other countries with the help of

It is observed
that even Human Rights organization repeatedly reported and continue reporting that situation in the neighboring country is
getting gradually very bad because of the fact of the secret killing more human beings,
kidnapping continues in massive numbers and crime under all heads exceeded all
previous records. That depicts a picture as if things are going out of control. It seem criminals and the secret killers and offenders  
they got license to commit crime under all crime heads without any
obstructions from the authorities .

The kidnapped
people are found mostly killed and thrown in nearby Ponds, Rivers
and Drains and rice fields.
Question is with what intent India supported such a concocted manipulated election result, that was preplanned to happen and all the Ambassadors knew of the concocted election result even before it was out
Does India possess any other secret plan to Annex this neighboring country as a
poodle like Sikkim?

The Intelligentsia
want to know, for whose interest India supported a particular party against the
interest of majority population before and after the election when
the West , EU, with almost the entire World rejected the concocted election result of the election of the
country why India alone supported it. The country's intelligentsia and the World Community of Nations are in apprehension of India's secret evil intent with regard to the neighboring country's
sovereignty and Independence in the hands of the Indian's poodle government and the malicious advices from Indian authorities to carry on with the mad venture with the election.u>

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