Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bangladesh opposition to boycott elections - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

Bangladesh opposition to boycott elections - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

Bangladesh opposition to boycott elections

The 18-party coalition says the January elections will not be free and fair, as the deadline for nominations looms.

Last updated: 02 Dec 2013 09:26

Bangladesh's 18-party opposition coalition has said it will boycott a general election scheduled for January, plunging the volatile country into political uncertainty just hours before the final deadline for nominations.

"There is no question of us filing nominations for the January 5 election under the present circumstances. We're not going to take part in the January 5 elections," Shamsher Mobin Chowdhury, a vice president of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), told AFP news agency on Monday.

Bangladesh has witnessed escalating street violence over the last five weeks that left 51 people dead and thousands injured, with almost all opposition leaders now in hiding.

Another protester died in the western town of Natore on Monday during clashes between hundreds of BNP supporters and ruling party activists, police said.

Chowdhury said the BNP and its 17 smaller allies, including the country's largest Islamic party, would only change their mind "if the polls are organised by a non-party, neutral government".

The BNP, led by two time ex-premier Khaleda Zia, has been demanding that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina quit and make way for a "non-party and impartial" chief executive to oversee the polls.

It believes any polls under Hasina will be rigged.

Hasina, whose party holds a majority in the current parliament, has rejected the opposition demand and instead formed an interim multi-party cabinet which includes her allies to conduct polls.


Least to speak of boycotting the election which is normal in politics. This time why should not the opposition of Bangladesh boycott the election when Indian Government sent a prostitute who said to Ershad (Chairman of Bangladesh Jatio Party) that if he does not participate in the election then instead of Auami League the terrorist parties like BNP,, Jamati Islami and others would come to power.

Serious question arose as to what type of diplomatic norms is this and India particularly practices. Do Indian foreign office is run by such stupid prostitutes laying herself to political leaders to get political decision accepted by Indian government in its favor.

Political leaders of any countries are not the same. Ershad made the conversations with the Indian Prostitute public in front of all journalists. Now what can be done to this violation of Indian diplomatic atrocities? India uses this practice to persuade its neighboring small countries to get everything thing that it wants in its favor through offering prostitutes for sex. .

Kill bordering Bangladeshis, Occupy forcibly bordering land and avoid demarcation work since liberation, even forcibly take away water right of rivers and continental self forcibly but have to keep quiet. Because it is a big country nothing can be written against and publish by print media. What type of freedom of press is this?

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