Tuesday, October 8, 2013

World Bank: Israel to blame for Palestinian financial woes, dependence on foreign aid - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz

World Bank: Israel to blame for Palestinian financial woes, dependence on foreign aid - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz

By Amira Hass | Oct 8, 2013 | 06:32 AM | 16

Restrictions imposed by Israel on most of the West Bank are to blame for the Palestinian Authority's excessive dependence on foreign aid, the World Bank said in a report released Tuesday.


When the super powers are rearing a proven kick ousted terrorists Jews from EU countries not out of love but out of fear. Now what is the use of blaming the criminals.

The World Community of Nations is fed up with the drama staged by the super powers to unnecessarily torture the Muslim Owners of the Palestinian lands occupied by the Israel's reputed terrorists .

Is it not a mean to force the Palestinians by torturing the innocent Muslims to agree to the conditions of the filthy terrorists to take the territories the Israelis forcibly occupied. These terrorists tried to infuse fear by the committing genocide intentionally killing many innocents in front of the World Community of Nations. Are the super powers supporting Human rights or supporting the committal of genocide by the proven Israel's terrorists and support them to continue it until the Palestinians Muslims give in.

Is this is the Justice done to to the Palestinians by the world's super powers on one hand to support the world-recognized terrorists to kill the innocent and on the other hand talk sweet to the aggrieved to console after helping the terrorists to continue killing?

What a height of hypocrisy by people claiming to be civilized of the centuries asking the killers to kill and the police to catch them.  Is not it because the world is not run on any fair Justice system but on the principle of “Might is Right” as it was in primitive days of human kind. How very unfortunate is the present civilization living in agony and fear of Israel's threat to the world that more that 400 hundred WMDS would be enough to finish the entire world including the Super Powers announced by the Israel's government head (Ref: attached PHOTO above.

Would wait to see what happens and action the super powers take against Israel with regard to the money and the Palestinian financial woes. Would the Palestinian ever get Justice done in this world of terrorist lovers? If not better close the Palestinian Muslims and ask the Israeli terrorist to kill them. isn't this is what the Israeli terrorists would be mighty happy to do? Why not then ask them to do it and finish the drama by Nitanyahu the Israel's PM  
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