Sunday, October 20, 2013

Egyptian foreign minister cites 'disturbance' in relations with U.S.

Egyptian foreign minister cites 'disturbance' in relations with U.S.

Egyptian foreign minister cites 'disturbance' in relations with U.S.

CAIRO -- Egypt’s foreign minister said in an interview published Wednesday that turmoil in U.S.-Egyptian relations could harm American interests throughout the Middle East and suggested that his country’s military-backed government might begin distancing itself from the United States and seeking aid elsewhere, possibly from U.S. rivals.


I am amazed to find while going through the article which narrates the reaction of Egypt Army backed government's foreign Minister's statement that speaks volume of threat to US suggesting if US does not amend its ways of handling the cutting of AID to Egypt it would seek AID from enemy country of US.

It also exposed violation of normal decency and diplomatic norms and customs of communications with respect to foreign country. And that stating this AID CUT would harm the US INTEREST in the region.
However, All countries are tight financially. It would not be possible to get a kiss of love and money. if they get why not go and get it. It would lessen the burden on US.

Further more threatening US In case it does not amend its decision with regard to Aid the Egypt would seek AID from a foreign country considered to be enemy to America.What does the Egyptian foreign Minister meant by this threat needs detail explaination.

The Defense Minister, Home Minister and Foreign ministers are participants in the Committal of the genocide. The action on investigation  by Human Rights commission should start immediately.
The active action of Human Rights authorities would stop the killing and the start of a civil war followed by terrorist activities. Army and police is failure to effectively stop the on going and on coming devastating events.

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