Thursday, October 10, 2013

Egypt court announces trial for ex-president - Middle East Israel News | Haaretz

Egypt court announces trial for ex-president - Middle East Israel News | Haaretz

Egypt court announces trial for ex-president

Ousted President Mohammed Morsi and 14 members of his Muslim Brotherhood group will be tried before a criminal court.

By The Associated Press | Oct. 9, 2013 | 2:21 PM

An Egyptian court has set November 4 as the start date for the trial of ousted President Mohammed Morsi on charges of incitement to murder for the killings of opponents who were rallying outside his palace while he was in office.

The state news agency MENA says the Cairo Appeals Court ruled on Wednesday that Morsi and 14 members of his Muslim Brotherhood group - including his top aides - will be tried before a criminal court.
The case dates back to one of the deadliest bouts of violence during Morsi's year in office. At least 10 people died in December clashes when Islamist groups and Morsi's supporters attacked protesters camped out outside the presidential palace.

Morsi, ousted in a popularly-backed military coup in July, has been held incommunicado since.


The International Community of Nations except those countries that helped the Egyptian Army especially Israel to stage the Coup d’├ętat,  wants an answer from the super powers including China and Russia as to why they all are indifferent with the event of removing a Democratically elected government by the uncouth Egyptian Army General.  Whereas all super powers  get worried when a terrorist country howls wolf and have loose motion. Does it not then prove that the super powers are all for unknown reasons supporters of terrorists but overtly shows they are fighting the terrorist. Shame on them for such hypocrisy ?

Why should not the super powers object to the holding of trail of an innocent individual to victimize him to make the terrorist government happy by another army general terrorist supporter. If Morsi is an accused then SISSE and his all accomplices are also the accused of killing thousand of Egyptians as per Human rights organization’s on the ground workers reports that tantamount to committal of genocide. Which are those super powers helping the terrorist country and General Sessi from being indicting as genocide committal criminals.

Time has come when Muslim Brotherhood activists would have no option left but to register  case against the present Government's relevant authorities issuing orders to kill including  Egyptian army, police and all those connected with the killing of innocent protesting public . It would be seen on Investigation by Human Right commission a particular Terrorist country abetted the coupe de’tat and mass killings of Egyptians.

It is time Muslim Brotherhood registers a case against the genocide committed to facilitate UN to order Human Right Commission to start investigation against the committal of genocide criminals from top to bottom and also point out the name of the abettor country.
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