Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Russia Opposes Use Of Force In Syria Resolution

Russia Opposes Use Of Force In Syria Resolution

Russia Opposes Use Of Force In Syria Resolution
09/17/13 07:51 AM ET EDT AP
 Moscow is insisting that a new United Nations resolution on Syria not allow the use of  force, but Russia's foreign minister appeared to suggest Tuesday that the issue could be reconsidered if Syria violates an agreement on abandoning its chemical weapons.

Sergey Lavrov made the statement in a news conference with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius. France and the United States say that a military option remains on the table and are pushing for the U.N. resolution to reflect that.
Lavrov said that Russia "spoke clearly" about rejecting the use-of-force clause when the chemical weapons agreement  was worked out in Geneva.

But if signs emerge that Syria is not fulfilling the agreement or there are reports of further chemical weapons use, "then the Security Council will examine the situation."

The meeting of Lavrov and Fabius came a day after U.N. inspectors submitted their report on the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack that precipitated the heightened tensions over Syria. Although the report confirmed that chemical weapons were used, it did not say who used them – and Lavrov and Fabius differed sharply on their interpretations.
"The report exposes the regime," Fabius said. "On the basis of the information of our external agents, we consider that the report proves the responsibility of the regime for the chemical weapons attack of Aug. 21."

But Lavrov said: "We have serious reason to suggest that this was a provocation" by the rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime.

It seems the West, EU, and UK is determined to slaughter  Syria without sufficient evidence that the act of killing the innocent SYRIANS using Chemical Weapons by the government force, but there is no evidence p prove such an allegation. Well, if suppose Syrian government did the act where is the evidence to prove that it committed the offence?  

If strike is a premeditated plan to make Israel happy under any circumstance then it is a different matter. Then is it is obviously a mockery in the name of getting concerned over lose of Human Lives. Rather it is jumping to conclusion on hypothetical imagination trying to victimize and sacrifice innocent lives to make the Demi - god Israel happy and satisfy its demand.

Question is why? In Addition why not hold an impartial Inquiry and Investigation simultaneously and on the basis of the findings of in the Inquiry and investigation,If needed slaughter more people of the SYRIAN government including ASSAD.

But then the inquiry and investigation report must have the name mentioned of the organization that did the aggression of killing innocents by chemical Weapons. In this all countries possessing Chemicals weapons and rebel groups Including Mossad

There cannot be any justification of attacking a sovereign state just on suspicion which is highly illegal. Then it would prove that the super powers can over run any sovereign country on their whims the keep Israel a Jews terrorist state happy and contented. Can the UN deny fact that Israel is the lone terrorist state in the world, and notorious violator of UN Security council resolutions that were passed during the last 67 years is left to go free without undergoing the International inquiry and investigation if all it had any involvement. Israel possesses more types of Chemical Weapons than any countries in the world may be even more then Super powers.  World community of Nations wants to see what ever is done must be done legally and not illegally for the sake of an individual criminal state that picks up the guts to call all other countries terrorists and criminal when ever it likes whereas itself is a prominently known as the lone terrorist state in the world.It must degist from such habit and must not forget it itself is a lone terrorist state and forcibly occupied land of the Mid East Muslim country.  
thus has no right to call others terrorist or criminal as itself is being ruled by criminals.
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