Friday, September 6, 2013

Questioning Credibility - By Shibley Telhami | Foreign Policy

Questioning Credibility - By Shibley Telhami | Foreign Policy

Certain things are to be understood clearly before asking for answers to vital question if the answers to the questions would be digestible by the authorities. As Commenter we comment as we think to help. It  all depends how the authorities interpret the salient points if there are any, and take in for suitable consideration, deliberation and implement or not to, it matters nothing to the commenter that's all.

Now coming down to the main points: Would any country that has huge accumulation of money to buy any super power country having the capability to work for it to grantee to fight for its own safety, security and defense then would that country think about its defensive issues ?

Now those Arab countries which needs to think about their defense,  They surely do but are incapacitated by the Super power country with the view that those countries have enmity. Could that be correct to assume or presume and act on it just because of one pet country of the super power.?   There is no Muslim country that could be pin pointed to be an enemy of US. Then, why blame them with the allegation of being enemy. It is a subject that has to be ascertained by the researchers why if any, before apportioning the blame with sufficient evidence. If we cast our attention to Egypt and ask was it wise, opines political analysts to help the Egyptian army committing a coupe de'tat in a friendly country removing a democratically elected government that could help at this hour of need as a tested ally. Turkey has come on board because Israel apologized. It would or would not might have depended on Israel not begging apology for wrong doing and us helping Israel in that case. In addition it is high time to find out the cancerous growth and take remedial measures to stop further growth of the cancer.

The authorities, knows well how the Arab countries have become insensitive to US plus Israel presence these days unlike previous days. To the extent they have become bold to stand against US and Israel even in bare hands because of Israel's audacious Tyrannical behavior and killing on daily basis and committal of genocide without any legal action. In addition, over and above US protecting Israel in Israel’s all wrong doings because of US congressional one sided  staunch blind support every time. Most hateful was Israel's audacity to violate all UN security resolutions under the umbrella of US congress functioning as "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA" over the last 67 years.

Having narrated the above facts, the situation IN SYRIA is being viewed very seriously by all Arab countries but the presence of Israel makes all the difference. The Arab countries think US is up and doing all this just to establish and impose Israel as the Caretaker of Mid East. To such arrangement Arab countries would never give in at any cost. That is why they have started to tilt towards Russia, China, and India.  This is the time to think and do amendments and walk on amicable path not to fight a war and divide the region and share with others. The region which was always with US would always be the same if only for one country…….
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