Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Mr. Netanyahu what is your view or comment on Turkey’s PM's assertion about your administration directly linked with the coupe detata in Egypt.  Can you deny the facts of his accusation and that you don’t have anything to benefit by the coupe deta’ta. 

Is it not that you have particularly personally become a center point to humiliate the friends those who always gave shelter and protection to you and your country at the cost of their prestige, honor and dignity. 

 Do you not feel ashamed and sorry for such acts of yours to keep them in dark and pushed them to face the critical World community of Nations when massacre is being continuously  committed by Egyptian Army and is non-stoppable at your behest.

Your silence could not stop the cat to jump out of the bag and informed the world community of Nations of your nefarious activities. You would soon find out about your such criminal activities.
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