Friday, July 12, 2013

Morsy supporters march again to deadly spot, as new government forms -

Morsy supporters march again to deadly spot, as new government forms -

Cairo (CNN) -- Egypt's new interim Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi worked hastily on Friday to complete his new government as the Muslim Brotherhood threatened protests. Early Friday he was more than two thirds of the way there, a state-run news agency reported.
The Brotherhood plans to march on the Presidential Palace and on the Republican Guards headquarters -- where they believe Morsy is being detained -- after noon prayers on Friday to remind the country who they feel is still Egypt's legitimate leader.
Fifty-one people died at the palace's doorstep this week, after Morsy supporters clashed with security forces, who opened fire.
Many of Morsy's supporters have vowed to risk their lives to see him back in power.
The prime minister of Turkey, a close U.S. ally, agreed with the Brotherhood Thursday, calling the coup that removed the Islamist president from power "illegitimate."
"Every military coup, regardless of its target, country and reason, is the murderer of the democracy, people and the future of the country," Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, according to state news agency Anadolu.
The protests in Tahrir Square did not make a coup legal, he said.
Erdogan heads a religious Islamic government and has faced off in street battles with secular protesters recently. The country's military has traditionally held the role of preserving the secular nature of Turkish democracy, by force, if necessary.
The Obama administration has not referred to Morsy's ouster through military might a "coup." The use of the term could force the United States to terminate aid to Egypt's military.
A Pentagon source said Thursday that the White House tentatively plans to deliver four F-16 fighters to Egypt but is reviewing its military aid arrangements.
In the Sinai Thursday, armed men killed a police officer during an assault with rocket-propelled grenades on a security checkpoint, state-run EgyNews reported.
Islamist extremists have threatened to take up arms since Morsy was deposed, and attacks by militants associated with al Qaeda have risen in the restive desert region adjacent to Israel and the Gaza Strip in the days since.
But it is not clear if Sinai's violence has any connection with events in Cairo.


World community of Nations got the answer from the Turkish Prime Minister “The protests in Tahrir Square did not make a coup legal”, he said. In addition, the entire world community of nations was satisfied.  This very comment issues the direction to all concerned to reinstate Morsi and restart solving countries problem working all together again as the country is heading toward a dire sequence of both financial and economical problem.
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