Saturday, June 29, 2013

What happens when the last Nazi is gone? - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

What happens when the last Nazi is gone? - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper


What happens when the last Nazi is gone?

We are witnessing the Nazi hunters' swan song. But what will we Jews do to fill the vacuum when there are no more Nazis?

By Vered Kellner | 15:11 26.06.13 | 7
I can picture them. They're sitting in their offices grateful for another day in the most placid job on earth. There was a time when there was still action there, but over the past decade, things at the office of the U.S. Justice Department's Nazi hunting team have gotten pretty quiet. After their coffee, the staff members have their...


Right you are why only the US Justice Department “Nazi hunting team is sitting doing nothing. In fact the entire world has stopped hunting Nazis. You know why, because Nazi’s are sitting in every Israel’s home. Do not deny they are not Nazis they may be born of Jew mothers but they might run Nazi’s blood. 

How can one deny about grown up children of those days that they were not Nazi’s children.  How could it be proved now that they a really JEWS and not Nazis. Where is the correct birthday certificates to prove the issue.

Did any of the Israel’s Prime Ministers/ Political Leaders in the past and even now had or have any authentic verification of their birth date after being kicked out of the EU countries either by way of possessing birth day certificate from original country or by DNA Test?

I suppose not. Did they have their DNA test to claim they ran/run 100% Jew blood and that they are not Nazis. With background being terrorists as the Nazis were called in those days, we world Community of nations found that even now Israeli Jews behave like Nazis.

 Therefore, having NAZIS in own home one asks to hunt Nazis. How do one prove they were and are innocent.

Just reminding the Jews community of the world regarding latest scientific findings about Adolf Hitler’s origin and that he very much had been a Jew.

Now then, if he could commit such a heinous crime being a Jew on Jew community why can’t the Israeli Jews those who all are terrorists behaving like NAZIS could not have created crime during those days. First search own homes to clear of all Nazis from within the Israelis hubs hiding within as Jews before asking or commenting and or reminding others of their duties and responsibilities.
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