Friday, May 31, 2013

Nigeria nabs Hezbollah cell plotting attacks on Israeli, Western targets - Diplomacy & Defense - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Nigeria nabs Hezbollah cell plotting attacks on Israeli, Western targets - Diplomacy & Defense - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Nigeria nabs Hezbollah cell plotting attacks on Israeli, Western targets
Nigerian security forces say raid on Lebanese suspects' homes reveals anti-tank landmines, ammunition and rocket-propelled grenades, among other weapons.
By Barak Ravid and Reuters | May.30, 2013 | 8:48 PM |

Nigerian security forces uncovered a Hezbollah terrorist cell that had been planning attacks against Western and Israeli targets in western Africa, Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau stated on Thursday evening.
According to the counter-terrorism officials, a raid on one of the suspect's residences uncovered an extensive weapons cache. An investigation indicated that the cell had been active in Nigeria for a few years, and has planned numerous attacks against western and specifically Israeli targets.
The officials said that the cell is "part of the Shi'ite terror campaign against Israeli targets throughout the world," and is currently investigating claims that the cell was active in other African nations as well.
Nigerian military spokesman Captain Ikedichi Iweha said in a statement on Thursday that the three Lebanese suspects were arrested between May 16 and May 28 in the north's biggest city of Kano. All had admitted to being members of Hezbollah under questioning.
A raid on the residence of one of the suspects had uncovered 11 60 mm anti-tank weapons, four anti-tank landmines, two rounds of ammunition for a 122 mm artillery gun, 21 rocket-propelled grenades, seventeen AK-47s with more than 11,000 bullets and dynamite, he said.
"The arms and ammunition were targeted at facilities of Israel and Western interest in Nigeria," Iweha said, but did not elaborate.
The secret service detained the first suspect, Mustapha Fawaz, on May 16 at his supermarket in Kano. His interrogation led to other suspects, including Abdullah Tahini, who was later arrested at Kano airport with $60,000 in undeclared cash.
The third, Talal Roda, a Nigerian and Lebanese citizen, was arrested on Sunday at the house where the weapons were found two days later.
"The search team uncovered an underground bunker in the master bedroom where a large quantity of assorted weapons of different types and caliber were recovered," Iweha said. "All those arrested have confessed to have undergone Hezbollah terrorist training."
The possibility of a link with Nigerian Islamist sect Boko Haram, which Nigerian forces are battling in the northeast, was being investigated, Iweha said at a news conference.
An alliance between Salafist Sunni Muslim Boko Haram and Shi'ite Hezbollah would be unusual, and there has never previously been evidence of such a link.
There are an several thousand Shi'ite Muslim Nigerians, a legacy of Muslim radical Ibrahim Zakzaky's preachings since the 1980s. Zakzaky still leads Nigeria's main Shi'ite movement and has campaigned for an Islamic government and stricter adherence to Sharia, or Islamic law.
Iweha declined to say if any link to Zakzaky was being investigated, and his movement is currently seen as largely peaceful.
A Nigerian court sentenced an alleged member of Iran's Revolutionary Guard and a Nigerian accomplice to five years in prison this month over an illegal shipment of mortars and rockets seized in the main port of Lagos in 2010.  


When, a tit of a small country Israel made almost the entire world as its enemy, due to its audacious terrorist activities killing World Leaders then at the end by violating International law and all UN resolutions.

Israel not only opened and exhibited its private parts to the UN resolution but also committed genocide duly sponsored by the Israel government. Question raised by member countries as to where it derives its power to do all these acts and to open its trouser and Urinate on the face of the UN Security Council resolutions and US is forced to veto on resolution of terrorist activation? In the Mid East region assassinating foreign political leaders apart from torturing Palestinians by the PM of Israel and was indicted. Even the fallouts of Israel’s brutal activities has made the Jews all over the world being the most hated race. Ref; Please read the State department report on Jews of the world countrywise. It is just shocking.

The bad days of Israel started when it received a shameful bashing from Hezbollah then a terrorist gang now a political party sharing power with Lebanon government. Israel should have amended itself then but it did not. The future is becoming darker as the days pass by. Israel's show of power of possessing Numerable WMDS makes no difference to the Muslim world. After confronting  two Super powers with old 303 rifles and home made bombs. Israel's WMDS Is of no match to the will power of the Muslims. This time a Muslim country helped Israel but for how long and how many times Muslim world would try to help save Israel until it changes its way of living by adjusting with the Muslims. There is no other alternate to adjustment.
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