Monday, May 6, 2013

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Human Rights organization must start investigation to immediately gather fresh Evidence of committal of genocide by the Bangladesh government 

The enforcement forces under direct orders of the political leaders to the Police, Rab and Border guard Bangladesh went into inhumane action against innocent unarmed religious leader protesters the Clashes was initiated between law enforcement forces Police, Rab  BG and Protesters by provocateur of the government’s  activists by switching off the electricity throughout the area and killing and wounding  innocent unarmed religious leaders.

Government force started the operation after staging events so that they could blame the protesters and opposition leaders and activists to suppress any future retaliation of the committal of Genocide by the Government. After the operation at the center of the commercial centre of Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, where at least hundreds of people were reported to have been killed since the protests began on Sunday.

More than 10,000 forces drawn from police, the elite Rapid Action Battalion and paramilitary Border Guard Bangladesh jointly launched a drive late on Sunday to clear innocent unarmed protesters at Dhaka coming from all over the Country. The chief of Bangladesh's political opposition Khaleda Zia at this inhumane operation and killing by the government called on her supporters to help the slain and wounded Hifazat-e-Islam innocent unarmed protesters on the streets of Dhaka on Monday coming from far of places of the country. The head of Hifazat has called on his supporters to continue their protest. 

The report submitted to foreign medias by few own local Bangladeshi reporters and others seem that their  reports were partial  and Supporters of a particular political party giving wrong information very cunningly to smear the image of Political Party which the International News media may check up from impartial public, before accepting even own interested local employees reports 


It is reported that police, Rab and BG killed the religious leaders in large numbers. The dead bodies were removed and disposed secretly in the dark hours of the night. They did it to show to the world that there was almost no killing. It has also been reported that the Electronic Media DIGONTO" and Islamic News Media has been without any notice stopped at dead of night and its main running parts with the camera having evidential genocide committal proofs films filmed during government's operational activities was seized and was taken way unauthorized and forcibly  .

This they did with the intent to destroy the evidences against the Government and its activists including the premeditated burning of Holy Quran staged much before by their activities and shot during the religious leaders on the run.

As per report almost all, the burning of the entire area was done by government activities with the active help of the law and order forces. It said was done to show to the world and get their sympathy and support..

 The investigative Journalists selected by UN should come down and work to expose the genocide committal acts of the government in power committing such horrendous crime against humanity to hide the corruption and irregular acts crimes of heinous nature that it committed so far with government and with financial matters and stealing Public and government money..  People believe that the human Rights organizational Chairperson would not start the genocide case against this government as India is the active abettor of the genocide committed in Bangladesh.

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