Saturday, May 25, 2013

GOP: Party of crybabies

GOP: Party of crybabies

Does such declaration from those people carry any value. These people are the violators of all norms and customs of politics to climb to power by hook or crook. These people went to the extent of conspiring to eliminate 47% of US population calling them in public as national liabilities.

If they had slightest saner sense then they would have resigned from politics long back and not give declaration on political norms and customs to follow.

First, one has to answer on what ground a Republican Congressional Representative say to the middle class and poor voters as national liability. On what right he could say so. Why facts cannot it spoken? How the fact said to the public could be termed as criticism.

Public wants to know how Presidential Candidates with Republican congressional Representatives conspire against the population of US. How and on what constitutional right he engaged to do that act caught red handed and yet no action taken. Why no legal action has yet not been taken , is talking this point criticism.

Today these days lot many people have suddenly popped up from nowhere to talk facts against Republicans as criticism.

Public wants to know where were these so-called political Intelligentsia suggesting great things showing examples of wrongs and rights of left wing, right wing, and center.

Public requests these people to keep their dirty trap shut being Republican’s pimps.
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