Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Republicans Play Catch-Up on Gay Marriage - The Daily Beast

Republicans Play Catch-Up on Gay Marriage - The Daily Beast

 Republican Party Senators and congressional Representatives are devoid of any quality to become Public Leaders. They are fit to be qualified as paid agents of Rich millionaires and billionaires only to act as obstruction against all national welfare, development and progress proposals. and to guard the interest of the Rich's financial interest at the peril of the death of the nation.

 The particular person who advised the than G W Bush in all wrong doings is again seeking opportunity to enter the political arena to contaminate the national politics and to introduce another highly controversial Bush dynasty person and the younger brother of the wanted genocide criminal G W Bush to run for presidential candidate in 2016 taking the advantage of Republicans party being completely  broke Politically not fit to run for presidential race not even with Jeb Bush.

Karl Rove is  enough to devastate the already devastated country left by G W Bush guided by him and now he wants to accomplish his incomplete mission.

The Republican Party in the last election with the Presidential Candidate Planned to eliminate 47% middle class and poor Americans labeling them as liabilities of the nation. Public is highly worried with the News of  Karl Rove's meddling with national political issues with evil designs to use issues in favor to ultimately to destroy the country totally. The public know him as a human beings with the worst evil brain in the country.
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