Thursday, March 28, 2013

Obama On Gun Violence: 'Shame On Us If We've Forgotten' Newtown

Obama On Gun Violence: 'Shame On Us If We've Forgotten' Newtown

Mr. President we understand your heartbreaking cry against our some highly irresponsible congressional Representatives and Senators with respect to the gun law.

But may I have the audacity to inform you Mr. President these people have no "SHAME as they have regular SEX with their mothers particularly the members of NRA, Republicans and also those Democrats who got use to such sex.

Therefore, Mr. President it is not the Shame that will have any impact on these Shameless but they would work positively if Gun money could be stopped to find the pockets of the Democrats and Republicans permanently to negate NRA win the vote.

It is the voters of the constituents of these Democrats and Republicans belong those who could weed them out from the national politics to completely stop support NRA to wave the wand of strength over the government authorities against the welfare safety and security of Public lives and properties .

You can do a grand contribution to this nation if the public starts a national movement to oust the congressional Representatives and Senator those who have no remorse to public lose of lives and property of Americans and fail or unwilling to legislate the most strictest GUN BAN LAW to ensure loss of human lives and property by Gun shoot out. Until it is done Please do not sign until it is done during your tenure of office. 
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