Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bangladesh: The ghosts of 1971 - Listening Post - Al Jazeera English

Bangladesh: The ghosts of 1971 - Listening Post - Al Jazeera English

It is very surprising that catches the attention of the readers is when such a turmoil is in progress and government sponsored genocide is on what was the diplomatic need for the Indian Foreign Minister to visit Bangladesh to stand with the government in power, similarly the Indian President did the same assuring Indian support to the government.

This is very important to analyze the matter in line with the reaction of the World Community of Nations condemning the Bangladesh for the committal of genocide it was only India kept silent in support of the Bangladesh government. Such acts of India needs to be probed into to and the truth should be found out in the interest of the regions peace and tranquility. It would also ventilate India's actual clandestine activities conducted against small neighbors to keep them live under Indian brute hegemony. the Human Rights

Commissioner himself is a big aid to committal of genocide. A thorough inquiry must be conducted, he overly say thing and keep in writing in the web to keep his Human Rights higher authorities happy. He as yet not reported after investigation that genocide was committed in Bangladesh on government sponsor while the media is reporting daily with ample evidence covering the committal of genocide by asking the police to shoot at the protesters killing them like daily in huge numbers.

It is reported Indian agent Raw is closely working with the Government law enforcing agencies to date and also advising the relevant authority with a view to keep the government in power as a Indian Puppet government.

Taking the contribution of Bangladesh to the World Community of nations it would not be out of Place to request the UN Secretary General to sent a delegation for Impartial secret overt and covert Inquiry into the committal of genocide including border killings and India's involvement in the internal affairs of Bangladesh Politics and inciting division of the nation.
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