Saturday, November 3, 2012

Broken BRICs

Broken BRICs: The most talked-about global economic trend in recent years has been “the rise of the rest,” with Brazil, Russia, India, and China leading the charge. But international economic convergence is a myth. Few countries can sustain unusually fast growth for a decade, and even fewer, for more than that. Now that the boom years are over, the BRICs are crumbling; the international order will change less than expected.

Having studied the article very minutely it is found the article has been written with care and caution and has been substantiated with statics in support of the cause of the changes that took place and would take place in the cases of the countries in future.
The writer has in detail high lighted the financial aspect of the organization very eloquently as far as possible. I would still hold the fact that as the world itself is a place of uncertainty, would it not be better to include statements keeping a space to accommodate the unforeseen due to ups and down of mineral output, power supply, Industrial out put, agricultural out put, and international financial market fluctuation all these severely impacts the financial market of countries together with the impact of unpredictable climatic change.
As the writer touched upon the future condition of the countries something should have been written about the unforeseen cause that could change the situation altogether placing the position of US and some other countries better than contemplated now by the writer. Because of the fact nothing can be taken as finally conclusive and fixed.
Now, coming to the Conglomeration of BRICS, it is not because of only financial cause that BRICS came into being. It has a hidden cause to strengthen both financial and Regional Military Power and more.
It may be acceptable that BRICS is a broken organization financially but is it the same in case of extending Regional Military Power? This could be a subject of research for the future consideration and adjustment.
Already changes in some countries to the fact is under way. From the activities of BRICS it seems that it has effectively entered Mid East and is consolidating to divide Mid East in two Sunni and Shaii region.
May be Israel's activity in Mid East would later be held responsible as the main cause of the Division if not now.
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