Friday, August 17, 2012

Paul Ryan’s many faces

Paul Ryan’s many faces
The many faces of the Devil of the running mate RYAN PAUL  added to the team to move with the devastating principle and Policies.
A thief of tax money and a man picked up as running mate, protector of gun manufacturers has become the cause to kill innocent citizen every month more than Americans killed in Afghanistan teamed together by the RNC Chairperson with most evil intent to go to power with the help of the rich and gun manufactures with the intent to eliminate the American middle class and poor. Unless they build up a formidable wall to halt permanently the forward move with the devilish intent to wipe out the American middle class and poor from the mother land forever. As was mention by the member of the AIPAC Eric canter that middle class and poor are nation’s liabilities.

Republicans will not stop their evil mission until they kill all American middle class and poor. Hence all middle class and poor Americans must unite immediately in one banner to confront the killers led by the RNC Chairperson the Republican Presidential nominee and the Running mate. The middle class and the poor Americans would never again feel safe to live in own mother land US.

The authorities need to act positively to take action to make sure that no party dares to take advantage of any loop holes. Anybody caught doing so the Part should be disqualified permanently
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