Friday, March 23, 2012

Attack On Iran? Live Updates On The Drumbeat Of War

Attack On Iran? Live Updates On The Drumbeat Of War

The monstrous country Israel is a single unreliable country that is insisting on triggering a war world to once again have a Holocaust with a difference. That is it would include all religious people to die in mass.

The countries that would not like another world war would pray Russia and China block to cut Israel to size once for all.

Israel though it sized Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya would like to size Iran, Syria and Lebanon to comfort able to be the singular power to run Mid-East, but alas! the entry of Russia made all the difference. And Israel’s dream to rule Mid -East has evaporated and has converted to a day Dream. China's entry would seal the future of Israel of imposing its supremacy over the  Arab Muslim countries.

I suppose china’s entry would be inevitable if Israel makes the mistake of striking Iran. However a word of caution for US supporting any conflict of any nature overtly or covertly would be simply suicidal for US economy and financial structure. All the mentioned countries are alert and should not be presumed to be sucking their thumb like lollypop to get a surprise.

Some Arab countries are waiting to welcome China to conjointly terminate Israel's power of supremacy from Mid-East forever. Under this situation and if Israel triggers a war analysts are apprehensive with the existence of Israel in Mid-East. Some strategists asked if Adolf Hitler was wrong in assessing the Jewish people.

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