Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama's New Defense Strategy Leaves The Troops Out In The Cold

Obama's New Defense Strategy Leaves The Troops Out In The Cold

My comment would be very simple and short to the fact that President Obama as the President of US the world’s Lone Super Power not only retrieved the devastated country left by an unworthy haunted criminal by Amnesty International for committal of crime against humanity of the Republican Party’s ex President G W Bush but has set a mission for himself and also for all subsequent Presidents of US to follow and achieve the targeted objectives.

The mission set is not a very easy one particularly in these days of financial and economical hardship at home. But never the less it is not to be achieved in one day but has to be pursued as long as it takes to accomplish the mission successful in all respect reorienting our Armed force to commensurate to the need of time that can confront the enemy with minimum effective force to win any battle anywhere in the world over land, Air and sea.

The mission speaks of the far sightedness of the President but to accomplish it successfully would require experienced, sincere, arduous working, Loyal, efficient, and intelligent people in both administration and in armed forces to train and unmatched leader to lead the team. With liars, flip flopper and betrayers with treacherous intent Like AIPAC members and pretenders this mission will never be able to be achieved.

I wholeheartedly support and wish the mission every success.
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