Thursday, January 26, 2012

Afghanistan Car Bomb Targets Aid Team, Killing 4

Afghanistan Car Bomb Targets Aid Team, Killing 4

So long we have this best friend to allure us to war can anyone stop following. It is not going to be like this after Obama, resisting alone to go to war and trying out for solution by having mutual dialog is to been seen as the only golden era in recent US history in contrast to all the past when the best friend ruled US to their entire satisfaction not the Americans as per the announcement by the prime ministers of that foreign country to the effect " We Jews Control America" They not only controlled but also destroyed the Financial and Economical structure of US during the watch under the Republican ex President G W Bush.

The trend has not stop the Republican Speaker, House leader of the house of congress and the Senate minority leader is bent upon to kill the middle class and poor and erase them from the soil of US by having declared openly that middle class and poor are the liabilities of the nation. Americans are liabilities not the Jews because they control America.

This is why we were in war and devastated the country and the world dividing in fragments and now again "We Jews our best friend wants us to wage war in Middle East for their same plea lame excuse Security and In Self Defense.

May happen later not in Obama's watch.
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