Saturday, December 24, 2011

The eagle, the bear and the dragon - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

The eagle, the bear and the dragon - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

In this world of conspiracy, hypocrisy, flattery, animosity, and uncertainty to have friends of dubious nature and hated by all is but stupidity. This is especially applicable to all three, the Eagle, Bear and Dragon as named by the author of the article in place of the actual names of the super powers.

In matters of Defense strategy none should be over complacent of its own forces capability and quality of arsenals in comparison with opponents as in war it is the man behind the gun(Equipment) that matters not the gun behind man.

People who formulate defense strategy, foreign policy, and national security policy their loyalty and integrity must be above board without an iota of doubt. Countries those gets the Policy matters formulated by individuals having deep rooted covert dual loyalty would never project true policy and would fail to achieve it aims and objectives.

However, coming to assessments of soundness and qualitative superiority of air, sea, and land war hard wares
could not be accepted as correct until test on practical encounters is done. Therefore, three super powers Cannot be absolutely sanguine about superiority of their respective armaments. Hence, it is always better to assume the opponents to be better equipped.

With regard to financial power both the bear and dragon may need a few more decade to overcome practically in all respect the Eagle’s superiority, if otherwise it does not give in to go to war with IRAN as the ex-President of US gave in to a horrendous country’s self destruction advice to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan, which would be evident from the fact after waging the two wars the country is reeling under financial and economical breakdown until now.

This country unfortunately formulates the foreign policy for eagle with a view to rule over Mid-East Arab Countries advancing deceitful reasoning about the Arab Muslim countries is now found to be untenable.

It was because of such deceitful acts over a period of time lost Pakistan once a strong ally of the West.
Now it should have become crystal clear that friendship with this country means losing friendship with Arab countries totally least to speak of losing financial, economical, commercial and other cooperation.

At the end would thank heartily the author for raising meticulously glaring factors that would affect the rise and decline of these three Super Powers. He very briefly and diligently articulated to touch the importance of Mid-East to the Super powers and left it very intelligently to guess who ever gets The Mid-East on its side wins to be stronger after the Arab countries awakening settles.
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