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Primary politics: A shocking defeat | The Economist

Primary politics: A shocking defeat | The Economist

A shocking defeat

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DURING his rapid ascent in the
House of Representatives, Eric Cantor, the Republican Majority Leader, seemed
more interested in getting ahead than getting things done. This view, nursed
especially by Tea Partiers and libertarians furious with Washington, finally
caught up with Mr Cantor in a primary election on Tuesday, when he lost the
nomination to the Virginia seat he first won in 2000.

With this shocking defeat, Mr Cantor
has become the biggest casualty this year of what has been dubbed a civil war
within the Republican party, between business-friendly centrists and
right-wing insurrectionists. He is also the first House majority leader to be
defeated for nomination since the office was created 115 years ago.

Mr Cantor had openly angled to
become the next speaker of the House, and was not above undercutting John
Boehner, who fills the job now. Yet he was defeated by David Brat, a slightly
goofy Tea Party-backed economics professor. Mr Brat's victory was convincing;
his majority topped 7,000 votes and he carried the three suburban Richmond
counties that anchor the reflexively Republican 7th District and had
previously been a bulwark for Mr Cantor.

Mr Brat, echoed by conservative broadcasters
and pundits, accused Mr Cantor of being on the wrong side of immigration. He
hammered him for favouring amnesty for some illegal immigrants and lambasted
him for suggesting a compromise might be possible with Obama’s White House.
Playing defence, Mr Cantor blocked House action on legislation that would have
made it easier for illegal immigrants who serve in the military to become
citizens. But this only confirmed the view of Mr Cantor as a politician who is
more interested in jockeying for position than in embracing a distinct

But all is not lost. Mr Cantor can
now run as a write-in bid. He can also be a team player, endorsing Mr Brat's
candidacy over a last-minute Democrat entry, John Trammell. As for the general
election, it should prove more amicable than the bitter primary, in part
because Messrs Brat and Trammell are colleagues, teaching at the same
small liberal-arts college.

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It is true that looks to many a real
jolting news of the shocking defeat of such an ambitious young politician in US
Politician who climbed so fast to capture such a high post.

We should not forget that "slow
and steady wins the race" Unfortunately the incumbent went too fast to
capture Speaker's post. In doing so he made many enemies within party
colleagues. But that could be over looked as it is normal but it is most
dangerous when a politician makes his Master the public his enemy by highly irresponsible
comment as "American middle class poor are liabilities of the

In addition more serious is the the episode of conspiring with
the then Republican Presidential candidate during 2012 election to kill 47%
American middle class and poor that was caught red handed along with another
two, the Speaker of the Congress and the Senate Minority Leader.

We would observe that the Master of
the ceremony the American public for that public of any independent
sovereign State never takes a wrong decision to throw out bad eggs. well,
individuals might but not collectively most often then not. 

To cut a long story
short the it would be enough to mention that both of them the SPEAKER of The
CONGRESS AND THE SENATE MINORITY LEADER are fighting for their existence in US

May be their ultimate News is as
shocking as ERIC CANTER'S or may be more devastating. This News my seem
shocking to those who does not know the details of the personality's past
political detail. as people of such status when they commit a mistake it is
termed as 'BLUNDER' but when the same thing is repeated by a man of the street
it is termed as 'MISTAKE' Eric canter committed many blunders. 

The above are but
only a drop of blunders he committed.The advise is never in politics be insolent
and audacious to the Masters Public poor or Rich and or the superior in rank
and status Master of all source of power never forgives those who violates these two
salient aspects of conduct. the other is never get power drunk like the Russian

To see the outcome of the other two
personalities the Speaker and Senate Minority Leader we have to wait a few months

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